Tang Sanzang knew that this was caused by the fact that the Monkey King was unwilling to accept Zi Xia’s death in his heart. He looked at the Monkey King and just sighed helplessly.

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"Master, tell me, where did Zixia people go?" See Tang Sanzang didn’t speak, the Monkey King asked again.
"Miss Zi Xia has gone, Wukong, you have to be strong. After all, the dead are gone, but the living still have to live." Tang Sanzang helpless way.
"Master, you lied to me. Zi Xia is not dead!" The Monkey King stubborn shook his head.
"Monkey King, pig eight quit to also see the Monkey King like this, he said.
"Bajie, you tell me that Zi Xia is not dead, and the master is lying, right? Zi Xia is not dead?"
Who knows pig eight quit to speak, the Monkey King wow, caught him and asked.
"Monkey, don’t do this, Zi Xia. She’s really dead!" Pig eight quit shook his head.
"You lied to me, I don’t believe that Zi Xia won’t die, no, no!" The Monkey King crazy way.
1 of "pa", Pig Bajie raised his hand and slapped the Monkey King in the face.
"Monkey King, I know you are very sad now, but you shouldn’t. Are you so worthy of Zi Xia who died for you? You will only make everyone sadder. I think if Zi Xia had a spirit, she wouldn’t want to see you like this! " Pig eight quit heartache way.
"Dead, really dead, so she is really dead!" After being slapped by Pig Bajie, the Monkey King sat down on the ground and murmured.
"Bi mawen, where did you have the courage to make a scene in heaven? In those days, you shouldn’t be angry when you face hundreds of heavenly generals, but now you dare not even face Zi Xia’s death. Now is not the time for you to be sad, but to think about how to avenge her. " Pig eight quit to say.
"Revenge, yes, revenge! Niu Mowang, I will never let you go! " The Monkey King hatred cried.
Say that finish, the Monkey King got up and will often go in the direction of Cuiyun Mountain.
"Wukong, what are you going to do?" Tang Sanzang suddenly stood in front of the Monkey King.
"Revenge, kill Niu Mowang!" The Monkey King bold said.
"Wukong, you are blinded by hatred now. I suggest you not to go for the teacher!" Tang Sanzang Road.
"Master, if you still recognize me as an apprentice, don’t stop me!" The Monkey King Road.
"Wukong, if you still recognize me as a master, don’t go now!" Tang Sanzang’s opposite way.
"The monkey king, you listen to the teacher! You just had a fierce battle. Take a rest. As the saying goes, it is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years, and it is the same to go again tomorrow morning. " Pig eight quit also advised.
When the Monkey King heard this, he looked at Tang Sanzang and said, "Master, I listen to you. I won’t go now, but I hope you won’t stop me tomorrow!"
Say that finish, the Monkey King no longer ignore all, straight to find a place to sit down, take out a great, bigger in the hand, with another hand repeatedly wipe.
That night, Tang Sanzang mentoring several people who didn’t fall asleep, they just sat quietly, waiting for the coming of tomorrow.
The Monkey King kept wiping the golden hoop all night, and his mind kept flashing the picture of his acquaintance with Zi Xia until now, and at the same time, his heart kept bleeding. The night was so long that the Monkey King felt that he had never met such a long night in his life.
Finally, the long night passed, and the Monkey King finally waited for the long-awaited day.
At the first light of day, the Monkey King suddenly stood up, didn’t drop anything, shouldered his golden cudgel and drove away in the direction of Cuiyun Mountain.
"Bajie, go and have a look. I’m very worried about Wukong now!" Looking at the Monkey King disappear, Tang Sanzang worried about pig eight quit to say.
"Oh, an old pig will go! Brother Sha, protect the master! "
Say that finish, pig eight quit also set up a cloud, after the Monkey King.
Soon the Monkey King came to the front of the Banana Cave in Cuiyun Mountain.
"Niu Mowang, get the fuck out of here!" The Monkey King stood at the mouth of the cave and shouted, "If your grandfather Sun doesn’t tear you thin today, I won’t be surnamed Sun!"
Niu Mowang was swept by the Monkey King and his evil corpse Monkey King in tandem with a stick, and the whole person was swept out of Wan Li, and his ribs were broken. If it weren’t for Niu Mowang’s natural toughness, then Niu Mowang would be seriously injured even if he didn’t die!
Niu Mowang, who was swept out of Wan Li, didn’t return to Bajiao Cave for a long time at this time. When he heard the Monkey King shouting outside the cave again, he was so angry that he immediately rushed out.
On one side of the princess saw the iron fan, she grabbed Niu Mowang, said nothing to let Niu Mowang out, and let the Monkey King curse outside the cave.
The Monkey King waited outside the cave, and when he saw that there seemed to be no response in the cave, he cleared his throat and shouted again, "Niu Mowang, I think you are also a prominent figure, so why are you a little puss-head?". If you don’t come out again, your grandfather Sun will go in and rummage through your lair. "
Hearing this, Niu Mowang in the cave was more than I could bear. She threw off the princess and went outside the cave.
Besides, when the Monkey King finished shouting and cursing, the earth suddenly shook, and the dust on the ceiling fell. the Monkey King jumped back and stood 100 meters away from the mouth of the cave to sit tight.
"Hey!" There was another earthquake, "dong!" Another earthquake!
It turned out that Niu Mowang was also clever, and he showed his true colors in the cave and rushed out.