"You … you you are not a man!"

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"You … you are a man, you are too man!"
"Ah funetbsp; youyoureajerkandgetoutofmyface!” Marina is going crazy. She speaks English in one breath.
"You are a traitor. You speak Mandarin. Don’t say dirty words that I don’t understand. Oh, I’m Funetbsp, too. you!” Bai Meng is furious and speaks English!
"Come if you dare. I’m afraid you have the courage to say you don’t have the courage!" Marina immediately caught the handle of Bai Meng and hit a hammer hard.
The hammer struck too hard and directly knocked Bai Meng unconscious and bit him. He gave Marina a a hard look and sneered, "I’m not as cheap as you!" "
Marina seemed to be struck hard at the heart, and her face immediately turned pale and staggered back a few steps. This time, Bai Meng really hit her.
She slowly squatted down, hid her face, and cried as if she had been raped, which was generally harsher than killing pigs.
Bai Meng is speechless directly. He has seen the power of "American women" today. It’s really no trouble. It’s really not manly to leave like this.
He walked over carefully for fear that Marina would use dirty tricks. After observing for a moment, he really scolded others and cried, but he felt a little embarrassed. Anyway, they were girls. It was a bit wicked just now!
"No, what are we doing today? You are the leader and I am the patriarch. It was really ugly just now. Forget it, don’t cry. You are also a leader. It’s not good to be seen like this! " Bai Meng was completely defeated by this bitch, so she could only slowly squat down for a long time and find a nine-yang plough Ropa to wipe her tears.
"What are you afraid of … I’ll cry if I want to … whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!" Marina’s face was full of tears, and her extremely delicate makeup was spent like a dirty rag doll.
She grabbed the highest plough in Jiuyang, wiped her tears violently, and poof woke up her nose, which made Bai Meng look silly on the spot.
"What is this? It seems that it is not an ordinary handkerchief!" Marina woke up and cleared her nose before she looked up and asked Bai Meng stupidly.
Bai Meng has been speechless by her tossing. She casually said, "Never mind that you don’t cry! But you’re really dragging. I think you’re the only one who dares to wake up his nose with a fairy top grade! "
"No … I’m sorry. I’ll find some essence of the sun and the moon to wash it!" Marina sobbed and continued to wipe the tears on her face with Ropa, the highest plough in Jiuyang.
"No, I’ll take it home and wash it myself. I’m really afraid of you now!" Bai Meng swished the nine-sun plough Ropa back, which really made him speechless. After a moment of silence, he finally stood up and whispered, "Then I’ll go. Please let Tang Lao know …!"
Before Bai Meng finished, Marina raised her painted face and asked, "Am I ugly now?"
At this time, Bai Meng is still thinking about this problem. He really doesn’t know what to say, but the fact really doesn’t allow him to lie. He just nodded heavily and said, "It’s really hard to look at all this makeup!"
"Then accompany me to the seaside for a walk, or don’t give me half an hour. I’ll make up my makeup soon!"
Bai Meng opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say. He suddenly shivered and hurriedly said, "No, let’s go for a walk by the sea. I can’t see anything anyway!"
"Then I can see if I wear fluorescent makeup!"
"Oh, my God, why don’t you hit the thunder and chop this bitch to death!" Bai Meng complained bitterly in his heart, but he could only sigh: "Well, go and fix your makeup. I’ll wait for you for an hour at most!" "
Marina wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand and smiled tearfully. "Well, wait for me for half an hour at most!" "
"Then don’t hurry!" Bai Meng smiled very modestly, but as soon as the body was transferred to Marina’s heart, she said, It’s still half an hour. As long as you leave with your front foot, I’ll go back to my old nest with my back foot and never deal with you again!
Marina was delighted to mention the skirt. She just took two steps and turned around and pointed at Bai Meng with a wry smile: "If you want to run, I know you are not so kind. How can an impatient man like you give me an hour to put on makeup?"
Bai Meng quickly shook his hand with a straight face and said angrily, "How can I be that kind of person? It doesn’t matter if you go to make up for ten hours … Oh, but I may be asleep by then!" "
Marina put down her mind and thought about it. Suddenly she bit her lip and smiled: "Then kiss first to prove your determination!" "
Bai Meng can’t wait to find a hammer to smash this bitch’s skull. She can only bite her teeth and give a symbolic kiss on Marina’s finger as a courtesy gift.
Marina was happy and ran back to her own building with her skirt in her hand. Watching her figure gradually disappear in the coconut trees and cobblestone roads, Bai Meng suddenly turned out to be one of her own kisses and teeth itching.
It’s now or never. I’ll give you ten hours. Without saying a word, I’ll fly to seventy or eighty miles away with a swish of Dreadwind Excalibur, which is not much slower than a rocket.
He flew fast, but he hesitated. Marina suddenly felt something strange in his heart. He couldn’t tell exactly what it was. After thinking for a long time, he still gritted his teeth and said angrily, "evil woman!" "

Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine The disciples of the Great Virtuous Teacher
When passing through Jinling City, Bai Meng suddenly felt a surge of Long Mai’s true spirit soaring into the sky. Looking down, he saw that Long Mai at the foot of Zi Xia began to recover.
After the departure of Zijin Lingshan, the Long Mai Qi of Jinling City really gathered slowly to see the golden qi slowly condensing in the sky, and Bai Meng could not help but frown.
Let this true spirit continue to condense, and sooner or later, a Kowloon body will be born, and then the ruling and opposition parties will shake again. But now that the royal family has been abolished, it is impossible for a new emperor to be born even in Kowloon.
Times are really changing and destiny can’t be doomed, but once this child is born, there will be a bloody battle in the future.
"It’s none of my business!" Bai Meng smiled coldly and was about to leave when he heard someone shouting in the distance: "Stay, Patriarch!"
This is the old base area of Baimeng, and there are many acquaintances. He is not surprised to hear someone calling himself. Looking back, he is a Taoist who has never seen it before.
The Taoist priest must be pale and sallow, and his complexion is not good. It’s just that Du Jie has just passed a little state in the early stage, and it’s estimated that he has just been robbed by that thunder these days.
Seeing Bai Meng’s carefree look, there was a trace of doubt in his eyes. Knowing that Bai Meng must be strange, the Taoist immediately said, "Being original was taught by the Shaoyang Sect. It was only with the help of the patriarch that a Taoist temple was set up on Qingxia Mountain two years ago. Only then did I see a fairy who swam by and came to visit, but I didn’t want to turn out to be the patriarch. It was also fate!"
The Shaoyang Sect is not a big Sect to fix the truth, but it is the Eight Immortals and one pulse, which is the direct biography of Shaoyang’s real life. Bai Meng has to give some face in return. He said, "It is natural that fellow practitioners in Zi Xia Mountain have been enlightened for two years. I just don’t know what’s wrong with Tzu Yun’s teaching? "
What nonsense encounter is obviously chasing after seeing yourself for a long time. If it is not blocked by Long Mai’s true spirit, Bai Meng estimates that he can’t catch up.
It’s pathetic to think about it. Shaoyang real person is also a person with great fairy fate, but this Shaoyang Sect is very weak.
"Patriarch’s insight into myriad Ciyun is really a shame. Ciyun stopped the patriarch just for the sake of the seven evil spirits of Ganquan Mountain. Being original happened to pass by Ganquan Mountain the other day to see that the seal needle of the twenty-four heavenly kings was really stolen. Now the ghost emperor will come out … The patriarch has a heavy responsibility. If we want to gather Taoist friends, our Shaoyang Sect will help us with all its strength! " Ciyun real people silently recorded. Look quite worried.
Bai Meng was startled. Drink asked: "Did you see with your own eyes that the magic needle of the twenty-four heavenly kings was stolen?"
Real Ciyun was shocked by Bai Meng’s drink, and hurriedly waved his hand and said, "I didn’t see it with my own eyes, but it’s already known to everyone. Doesn’t the patriarch know?"
Bai Meng burst into a cold sweat and hurried to pull Ciyun, and the real person flew to Zixia Mountain. Although Yin and Yang Sect left, Zi Xia Taoist Temple was still in Tianhu, and nothing was resident here.
At the sight of Bai Meng. Both Tianhuzi and Tiansongzi stamped their feet straight and looked anxious. They went to pay homage to Tianhuzi and asked directly, "Master. Where have you been this month? The magic needle of the twenty-four kings was stolen, and the ghost emperor is about to be born. We have looked everywhere but found you! "