With the approaching flame, Tianjun has noticed that the burning temperature makes people unable to dodge, and his footwork floats and keeps a distance.

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On the one hand, it was a hot pursuit, and on the other hand, it was trying to avoid it. It was like a cat and mouse, and it took a long time for Chen Xin to stand still, panting.
After chasing for a long time, he didn’t even meet his skirts. Only when he was there could he feel the real gap, but he was not upset and laughed.
When Tianjun saw his expression, he knew that things were not good. Sure enough, inadvertently, Chen Xin tricked himself into a trap and strayed into a nine-death array.
"It’s too late, you have entered the Nine Death Squad. In my squad, his god knowledge and spiritual power can’t be fully exerted. It’s not so easy to get out." Chen Xin looked at Tianjun, who wanted to get away, and stepped up to read the dharma spell in his heart, and greeted other disciples, taking this godsend opportunity to besiege together, otherwise it will change later.
After Tianjun entered the array, the array of Nine Deaths opened, causing a little shaking, and then completely integrated into the surrounding environment, and then you couldn’t see anything strange, just something strange between gestures.
And those who had been watching the fire from the other side of the bank, at the moment, began to hit people when they were down, and they made moves, magic weapons, dharma tactics and talismans one by one. The scene suddenly became chaotic, but seeing that Tianjun’s situation was in danger, he did not move like circumstances, and it seemed that he did not take all this seriously.
Bang bang bang bang.
A burst of scratching sound rang, and those offensives were all in vain.
"Bad" is an incredible spiritual force that oppresses people. Through a long distance, Chen Xin can still feel the endless majesty, such as Yue, such as prison, irresistible and instinctive. Chen Xin feels a great threat, life and death, only between a line.
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Chapter eighty-one Punch
Chapter eighty-one Punch
Tianjun’s eyes are calm, and he doesn’t mess up at all. He leads the tactic in his hand, and the whole body works with spiritual force, and the faint yellow breath covers the whole body. This is the result of life’s core monuments’s tactic.
On the body, it began to blink with spiritual luster. Such rich fluctuations turned out to be no more menacing than the other side, and the offensive of the mixed group was weak
The handprint changes rapidly, and the spiritual force in the elixir, such as endless sadness, is shrouded, and a defensive barrier is laid all over the body, making the whole person look extraordinary.
Heavy chopping on the yellow enchantment, I saw the enchantment shaking, but it didn’t break. Instead, it rippled and bounced back.
The people looked surprised and returned to normal in a moment. The multiplier in their hands was folded and turned, and the sword mans fell from the air, and the spiritual blessing was faintly visible in the sword mans.
But after a while, Tianjun felt the increasing pressure again. It seems that these people don’t feel strong enough, and they give a helping hand to the glass lamp, so they don’t want Tianjun to cast his magic formula so easily.
They have been practicing this trick for a long time, and they are familiar with this glazed lamp, so they are not affected. At this moment, the pressure is crazy, and Tianjun can deeply feel numb, and some of them don’t listen.
"careless, I didn’t expect this glass lamp to be extraordinary, such as a dragon sword in hand, I am afraid it has already been cracked." Tianjun is a little annoyed, but it is too late. It is imperative that we can’t delay any longer. It is better to solve the battle as soon as possible. The later we go, the greater the consumption of our spiritual power will be.
Because of the increasing pressure, the actions that used to be completed with only a small amount of spiritual power have to be put to great pains now, which is really uncomfortable.
A Zhang Ling operator suddenly lit, then above the ring to detain into a thick smoke.
Now they are not in a hurry to work for a moment, as long as they digest it slowly, they are not afraid that the heavenly monarch will not be defeated.
Qing Xuan looked at it and nodded slightly. These disciples are much smarter than those in Tiangu. Instead of seeking a move to make enemies, they further interfered with Tianjun in this way.
This talisman, named Fog Hidden Symbol, has a strong effect, which can not only disturb people’s sight, but also disturb people’s minds in silent hallucinations. The most special thing is that the higher the enemy’s cultivation, the more obvious the effect of Fog Hidden Symbol will be.
Obviously, Tianjun’s sight was disturbed and his eyes were blurred. And the smoke smelled a little, and it was a little groggy. It seems that the smoke is well-known, and I quickly held my breath.
But it’s too late, I have inhaled a small amount of smoke, and I only feel that the smoke is flickering around me, which makes people feel a kind of ethereal fairyland-like beauty.
The things in front of us are looming, vague and illusory, which makes Tianjun unpredictable and a misty scene.
"Bad, it’s illusion." life’s core monuments’s tactic is absolutely unique in Yu, and a cold shiver makes Tianjun please be like a real illusion.
Taking advantage of people’s unprepared, mixing illusion in the smoke really makes people hard to prevent. Tianjun learned another trick, which made him more careful and aroused his anger.
In the diffuse smoke, Tianjun’s figure didn’t move, and his eyes had noticed the strangeness hidden in the smoke, but his face didn’t change at all. He snorted, "Hum, carve insects, spread it out for me."
Under a loud exclaim, the spiritual force spouted out like a hurricane, and the smoke was confusing. When it was drunk by Tianjun, it seemed that it had lost its backbone and drifted around.
Almost at the same time, two silent fireballs flew from both sides of the smoke, taking the ribs of Tianjun straight.
Tianjun seemed to have eyes on both sides, his body twisted suddenly, and he banged two fists from left to right. Every punch was accurately hit on the fireball.
Boom, two explosions almost in no particular order, two fireballs burst, but it didn’t hurt Tianjun at all, just made his fist look a lot darker.
Just wanted to breathe, but suddenly there was a violent wind above Tianjun’s head, and a clear firm but gentle pledge oppressed him. The wind brought up was simply chilling.
Wave after wave, a barrage of sneak attacks, although not very effective, but it is not without effect, which also greatly increases the confidence of several people in Qingfengmen, and the diligent practice of union on weekdays emerges one after another.
His hands just shot down the fireball, the enchantment was scattered, and his body was trapped in a glass lamp. This unexpected pledge was like shooting a turtle in a barrel. Without the echo of the dragon sword, it seemed to others that Tianjun was a spent force and the defeat was set.
Chen Xin looked at Tianjun not far away, and some satisfiedly smiled. He naturally knew the weight of this sword, and he was also very clear about the effect. If this sword goes on, it will not die or hurt, and the contest will stop here. But the next moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the scene in front of him strangely.
Tianjun actually didn’t know when he had stopped, so he grabbed the tip of the sword and held it in one hand, but there was no blood flowing out. Even the man and the sword swung in the past, and this confident sword stopped suddenly, and there was a rumbling sound from the soles of Tianjun’s feet with unparalleled strength under pressure.
Chen Xin stare big eyes, he has never encountered such a situation. This sword is very clear to me. Even the elders of Qingfengmen come to learn from it, no one can take this sword with brute force, at most, they can take it aside with clever force, or simply deal with it by other means.
But now, Tianjun has accepted this powerful sword with one hand. How can he not call Chen Xin horrified? It’s really amazing.
"Oh, I’m sorry to disappoint you." Tianjun said some ridicule.
"Die" Chen Xin was furious, and he didn’t use his breath with Tianjun. His anger suddenly welled up in his heart, and his face was ferocious. He continued to increase the pressure of the glass lamp. Next to him, several people got the message and quietly went up, holding a sword and shaking it. In the sound of the sword, the direction pointed by the long sword in his hand was like being cut open by an invisible blade, piercing the ripples of space with filar silk, and suddenly turning into a series of lights.
The sound of firm but gentle is accompanied by a series of firm but gentle sounds that can’t be seen. Tianjun is no longer hard-connected, sometimes drifting from side to side, and sometimes ups and downs. At an urgent moment, he interspersed around and saved the day again and again.
In fact, it seems easy, but Tianjun is distressed. The gravity of this glass lamp increases, and every sword is in a line of life and death for Tianjun. If it weren’t for his exquisite footwork, he would have become a ghost under the sword.
Besides, he relies too much on lightness skill to dodge, and his reiki consumption is also great. Soon, even Tianjun felt a little overwhelmed, and a drop of sweat quietly emerged on his back. Only he knew it clearly, but he also understood that it meant that the aura began to wear off, and I was afraid that it would not last long and there would be little left.
Catch the thief first and get the king. A smile appeared on Tianjun’s tight face, and the rest of his spiritual strength gathered in the bones of his limbs, making a quick fist-throwing action.
Suddenly a punch out, a condensed to the extreme yellow light shot out, which contains the power, strong to the limit, it is the greatest strength she can play.
Two years of ice and fire and ten years of penance in the icehouse are vividly displayed at this moment. The perfect combination of life’s core monuments’s tactic and Upanistic tactic finally shines in the hands of Tianjun for the first time.
Chen Xin frightened to disgrace, coloured glaze lamp with nine death array should be preconceived, the best attack is the best defense, overwhelmed with offensive, let opponents have no strength to fight back is a major feature of it.
But Tianjun took advantage of everyone’s surprise, seized the loophole and culled it, and everyone, including him, was unprepared.
Seeing other people’s poor rescue, I am not an aggressive person. I want to put away the glass lamp to protect it, but I find it is too late.
Two people’s figure almost instantly fit together, and they all stare big eyes, afraid to miss any moment.
Action to see clearly, but Chen Xin’s body is like disobedience, only made an action to avoid, Tianjun’s fist had actually hit Chen Xin’s face.
Bang bang bang, continuous sound accompanied by the occasional click, ringing in the ears.
Tianjun’s fist smashed on Chen Xin’s head one after another, and soon it was bloody. With a whoosh, Chen Xin’s body quickly turned several circles directly in the air, and finally slammed into the ring ground. With a click, his body climbed softly on the ground and did not move.
Tianjun said slowly, "Hum, there are thousands of mistakes. If you offend me, it is the biggest mistake. If people don’t attack me, I won’t commit crimes. If people attack me, I will kill them."
Amid a harsh crackling sound, the yellow light flickered, spinning among the disciples of Qingfengmen at a very fast speed, and then swept away.
Ah …
Tragic screams, is the depressing noise of a few heavy objects fall on the ground, others followed in the footsteps of Chen Xin, being beaten by Tianjun’s unreasonable fist and crawling on the ground.
The other disciples of Qingfengmen were all pale. Although they were angry, they were afraid to go out. They just bowed from a distance, holding instruments and watching warily.
No one dares to talk crazy about Tianjun anymore. They are all people who know the goods. It has been seen that Tianjun’s strength is more terrible than expected.
"Go and help them, they are not dead, and there is still a breath." Tianjun looked at it and smiled in his heart. Are you that terrible?
Some things can’t be done too well, and he can’t do things that are driven to death. Besides, these people have no grievances with him, although they are just friends with arms, teach them a lesson and go back to lie down for two months.