Yin Wuji nodded: "Yes, under normal circumstances, it should be decades before she can go through the customs. After all. When she was shut up, she was just a monk who had just entered the end of Dan, and she was still far from the peak of Dan’s end. At that time, she was forced to shut up and took great risks. However, you forget, younger brother, that you have given her so many rare treasures. Lingcao has been used as food for thousands of years, and her qualifications are so good. As long as she is in peace of mind, it is a piece of cake to advance to the early childhood. " Xi Fangping’s eyes widened, but he still looked incredulous: "Brother, don’t joke with me?"

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Yin Wuji showed a rare smirk: "Teacher younger brother, can you just joke about this kind of thing?" Your brother, I don’t want to make out with your two 14th-order Jin Jiao. "
XiFangPing want to also don’t want to, turned to go. But Yin Wuji caught him: "Brother Xi, there is no need to be in such a hurry. Even if you want to leave, you have to leave what you just said. Otherwise, how can we forge a magic weapon for you? "
Xi Fangping just patted his head and giggled: "Yes, how could I forget this?"
Say that finish, with a wave of his hand, 5.1 billion pieces of lingshi, a large number of topaz, azure sand, and about 2000 kilograms of Geng Jing, immediately filled the whole hall. Xi Fang and a half also came to look at it step by step. After bowing their hands toward the elders of the Moon-reflecting Palace, they walked away without saying a word, and then lost in mid-air.
It was not until Xi Fangping walked away that Yin Wuji shook his head: "I don’t know what charm that little nun has, and I was so fascinated by Teacher Xi that I almost forgot the business."
Yin said endlessly, "They haven’t seen each other for 150 or 60 years, and they finally met. We at Yingyue Palace can’t understand this feeling."
Yin Wuji nodded slightly. Also, Yingyuejiao is a double-cultivation sect. Those disciples can’t stand not seeing their double-shrugged partners for a few days. It is estimated that they have already found another arms. It is unimaginable for them to wait for a woman like Xi Fangping for hundreds of years.
After Xi Fangping dropped something, he rushed to Cihang Temple as quickly as possible. Yingyue Island is only a few thousand miles away from Cihang Temple. For Xi Fangping at ordinary times, this distance is nothing, flying leisurely, and it will arrive in an hour or two. But now, Xi Fangping can’t wait for an hour or two. It’s thousands of miles, in his view. It’s so far away, as if you can’t walk all the way.
After flying for half a cup of tea. Xi Fangping is impatient. Just call out the original one from the belt and let the original one take him straight to Cihang Temple. Although the original one is not good at flying degrees, it is compared with the flying degrees in Jin Peng. It’s a long way off, but. After all, it’s a monster of the 14th order. Compared with Xifangping, it’s still much faster. It only takes a column of incense to get to the Cihang Corridor.
After all, it is the sect of Huiqing, and Xifangping dare not enter with the original swagger. Although impatient to death, however, Xi Fangping still took back the original one, sat patiently, and spent a hasty time flying to a place about twenty miles away from Cihang Guguchi. When he got there, Xi Fang kept on leveling, but he was full of aura and shouted at Cihang Valley, "Xi Fangping, the elder of Yingyue Palace, has come to visit."
With XiFangPing that yuan baby’s strength at the end, such a shout down. Taniguchi’s people heard it immediately.
Fang Ping, this is also saving time. Let Cihanggu prepare early. Xu Ghost has seen Huiqing’s younger sister who has haunted him for more than a hundred years.
Sure enough, when Xi Fangping slowed down and arrived at Cihang Taniguchi, there were a lot of people standing at Taniguchi, and there were nearly twenty single-unit infants. In the past four or five hundred years, the strength of Cihang Valley has also increased quite quickly. Money is easy to handle affairs.
For this reason, naturally, the three most powerful and qualified elders in Cihang Valley are yuantong, yuanzhen and yuanqing. For the elders of these Huiqing sisters. Xi Fangping didn’t dare to neglect him. He quickly stepped forward, made a respectful salute and said loudly, "How are you, three Taoist friends?"
Although it was a salute to three old nuns, Xi Fangping’s eyes were flat. But I kept staring at the man around Yuan Qing. She is still as bald as she was more than a hundred years ago, dressed in a nun’s uniform, her handsome face is slightly red, and her big sparkly eyes are also staring at Xi Fang’s half tightly. They are slightly red and seem to have crystal tears in them, but there is a smile hanging on her mouth, which shows her uncontrollable joy without reservation.
When I saw Xi Fangping’s burning eyes towards me, Huiqing couldn’t help blushing and slightly bowed his head. However, his big eyes were still staring straight at Xi Fangping, as if to let go of all his thoughts for more than a hundred years.
Yuantong returned a gift to Xi Fangping, and said softly, "We are all well. Thanks to Xi Daoyou’s concern, she realized that Xi Fangping didn’t respond at all. After a close look, Yuantong put a smile on his mouth and deliberately said," Xi Daoyou, you have come a long way, I don’t know why? "
XiFangPing one leng, this just took back the eyes, embarrassedly said: "nothing. Nothing, just came back from the outside, and after listening to Hui Qing on Yingyue Island, I was in a hurry to come. "
Yuantong ha ha a smile: "It seems that Xi Daoyou doesn’t have time to drink our tea at Cihang Temple. Let Hui Qing take you and have a good stroll. "
This yuantong is an old man, and it is interesting enough to do things. He went straight with all the people and walked away in a few interest rates, leaving only Huiqing alone, opposite to Xifang. Xi Fangping looked at this little nun who haunted her. She only smiled foolishly and forgot what to say. That’s right. Xi Fangping lived for more than 17,000 years, and he never cared about any woman except this little nun. With his current fame, female monks who want to double major with him can be discharged from Cihang Temple to Yingyue Palace as long as they hook up. However, he has never really seen other women. Destroy the magic star female practitioners are also very clear, they are absolutely not going to play Xi Fangping idea, they don’t want to risk being chased by tens of thousands of nuns in Cihang Temple.
At this time, Hui Qing completely lost the calmness that a Buddhist disciple should have, rubbing his skirts, and finally said in a voice as thin as a mosquito: "Teacher, brother, I heard from Master that you are the incarnation of a dragon turtle, and you have lived for more than 17,000 years?"
XiFangPing one leng. Only then did I wake up and quickly said with a red face: "I, although I am the embodiment of the dragon turtle, I am now a human being in the true sense. Our Hunyuan Sect is a human Dan, but it is a treasure in the true sense."
Hui Qing burst into laughter: "Brother, there is no need to worry. Even if you are a monster, I will always follow you."
XiFangPing this just a sigh of relief, but. After a few times, I was worried again: "Unfortunately, I can’t stay with you forever. In a few years, I will go to other places. That place is unpredictable and I don’t know if I can come back alive."
Hui Qing raised his head slightly, looked into Xi Fangping’s eyes straight, and said softly, "I know, Master told me everything, and I can wait until you finish your work quietly. If you don’t come back before I finish my Shou Yuan, I will take the next spring water, and then wait until you come back, or wait until I sit down." When two feelings are like this. Are you in the morning and evening? "
XiFang calm down a burst of touched, this HuiQing, is really understand him? If Hui Qing has to follow him and live and die with him, he will be in trouble. The Pleiades is unpredictable, and if you are not careful, you may fall into the territory of perdition, with a Hui Qing who can’t command the monster beast army. Obviously, it will greatly drag yourself down. This Hui Qing is smart and strong, and doesn’t have the mentality of ordinary people’s little daughter. This is the best partner in Xi Fangping’s mind.
Xi Fangping can be sure that there are many nuns, large and small, who are listening to their conversation with their gods. Don’t think that nuns are calm as water. After all, they are women and still like to listen to these whispers. Just, by this time, XiFangPing also don’t care. He suddenly stepped forward, gently shook Huiqing’s hand and said softly, "Huiqing, please be secular."
HuiQing naturally know XiFangPing what this means. I also know that what she said will be heard by others, and her face is red on her neck, but. Still nodded slightly: "Whatever you say, brother."
Although it has come to this, however, the two of them are still screaming from their brothers and sisters. For hundreds of years, they have all been
If you want to change your mind, you can’t change it for a while. Just don’t change it.
XiFangPing a listen to exultation, hurriedly took HuiQing’s hand and flew to an tang, which looks the most humble, but is the real center of CiHang Temple. When I arrived, Xi Fangping realized that the master of Huiqing, Yuan Qing, had already prepared everything needed for secularization. These old nuns really know Xi Fangping’s mind.
After the simple ceremony. Hui Qing is no longer a monk. Although she is still wearing a nun’s clothes, she is still bald and still habitually salutes with her hands crossed. Looking at Hui Qing in front of me, Yuan Qing was filled with emotion. His most proud disciple finally found a home. Cihang nunnery is an open sect, and they will not take any measures to hinder the secularization of their disciples, on the contrary, they will provide all conveniences for secularized people. Even the secularized disciples are regarded as their own disciples, which is quite appreciated by the fix-true world. Cihang nunnery can keep a natural place on the magic star. It has a considerable relationship with their unconventional practice.
Hui Qing knelt in front of Yuan Qing with a sob: "Master, my disciples have failed your old man’s expectations."
Yuan Qing ha ha smiled: "Silly child. People who are hundreds of years old still say such stupid things. We are not the yamen in the secular world, but we can’t get in and out. People who fix the truth pay attention to what they do, and too many rules are not good. Cihang Temple is free to come and go. Huiqing, you are very happy to find a home.
Next to Yuantong, he asked with a smile, "Xi Daoyou, as the elder of the Taiyue Palace and a famous person on our magic star, you finally found a double cultivation partner today, so you can’t do anything hastily."
XiFangPing wry smile, this for hundreds of years. He spent most of his time in blood shed, knowing nothing about this kind of thing, and how did he know about this kind of thing in the fix true world? What to do: "It’s all up to the teacher." In Cihang Temple, this kind of thing happens dozens of times every year, and Yuantong has been quite skilled in handling it, especially. This time, Xi Fangping was taken away by a disciple who was in his infancy. He can be regarded as the most powerful disciple who was taken away since the establishment of the Ci Hang An School, and he is also the most famous in the field of repairing the truth. He is going to have a good time: "According to the practice of repairing the truth in Wu. Finding a lifelong partner is not a trivial matter. We must find some relatives and friends to celebrate a little. In particular, your name is Xi Daoyou, and it is estimated that there will be quite a few people coming to celebrate.
Cihang nunnery is a quiet place, so it is not easy to hold this kind of ceremony. Therefore, I think that. Let’s put it on Yingyue Island. After all, Xi Daoyou is nominally the elder of Yingyue Palace. Moreover, in this way. Yin old demon also has light on his face. What I want to ask is, where will Huiqing live in the future? "
Xi Fangping thought for a moment and said, "Teacher knows that I can only stay for ten or eight years at most on the Destroyer Star. After leaving, God knows when I will come back. Songmei is definitely not used to living alone in Yingyue Palace. Moreover, her personality is incompatible with the atmosphere of Yingyue Palace. Therefore, I think it is better to let Huiqing live in your temple. For one thing, she’s used to it, and for another, it’s better to have a care. "
HuiQing looked up and glanced at XiFangPing gratefully. Xi Fangping’s arrangement is obviously for her sake. You know, although Cihang Temple is an ally with Yingyue Palace. Usually, we talk about everything, and we have to discuss everything with each other. However, the ethos of the two factions is completely different. Hui Qing, who is used to living in quietism, how can he stay on Yingyue Island for a long time and watch his disciples practice in broad daylight every day?
Yuantong rejoiced in her heart, and the reason why she deliberately asked this question was to get such a result. Xi Fangping’s strength, there is no disagreement on the magic star, and everyone knows it. Xi Fangping’s identity, the top of the seven sects, is also very clear. Although Xi Fangping is a nominally senior elder of Yingyue Palace, as long as Hui Qing still lives in Cihang Temple. Yingyue Palace will certainly get a share of the benefits from Xifangping. In particular, if Xi Fangping succeeds, the seven sects will gain a foothold in the outside world. The share of Cihang ‘an must also be relatively large. As an elder in charge of the Ci Hang Guan, although she is happy that Hui Qing can get a good home, at any time, she must put the interests of Ci Hang and Guan first.
Yuantong knew that XiFangPing did this for the sake of HuiQing, and secondly, it was also a face for CiHang Temple, and it was a gratitude to CiHang Temple for taking good care of HuiQing for so many years. After thinking about it, Yuantong smiled and crossed his hands and said, "Tell you what, Mr. Xi Daoyou, I’ll order someone to build a new courtyard in Cihang Valley. For Xi Daoyou and Hui Qing to live in, after all, the center of the valley is full of monks, and Hui Qing lives here, which is also inconvenient. Also, I will go to Yingyue Palace at once to discuss with Yin Lao Mo how to organize this ceremony. It is estimated that I will be busy for at least one month. As for Xi Daoyou, you don’t understand this kind of thing. You can take advantage of this period of time and take Huiqing to have a good stroll on the Destroyer. You haven’t seen each other for more than a hundred years, so you should have a lot to say. "

Chapter two hundred and thirteen HuiQing through (below)
Medium. XiFangPing took HuiQing hand. Flying slowly. "After the olive handed everything to yuantong, XiFangPing took HuiQing to travel. According to the agreement with Yuantong, as long as we can get to Yingyue Island in ten days, we can attend the ceremony specially prepared for them. Xi Fangping repeatedly explained to Yuantong that he didn’t want to disturb too many people, so he just had to do it casually. However, for people like Xi Fangping who stamp their feet and shake the whole magic star three times, they can’t just think about it.
Xi Fangping is extremely relaxed in his heart. Since he left Hunyuanzong, Xi Fangping’s mood has never been so relaxed. For more than 500 years, Xi Fangping has been practicing, fighting, or trying to find all kinds of celestial animals and flowers and seeds. Especially in the Pleiades, almost every moment, Xi Fangping looked around warily, calculating others, and at the same time, tried his best to gain benefits from his belt. When did he ever feel so relaxed?
At his side, HuiQing has not always bowed his head in shame as before. She clutched Xi Fangping’s hand tightly and looked happy. Although she is no longer a monk, she is still naked, dressed as a nun, and has not painted her face with powder. Everything is exactly the same as usual, the only difference is that her sweetheart is around.
For hundreds of years, Hui Qing has been used to wearing this kind of clothes, and she even forgot how to wear the clothes of normal female monks. XiFangPing didn’t remind her, in XiFangPing view, such HuiQing. Is the real HuiQing in his mind. For hundreds of years. Hui Qing appeared in front of his eyes in this way. If he changed his costume for a while, let alone Hui Qing was not used to it, and he was not used to it either. For these two people who have been in love for 500 years, what kind of clothes they wear is not important at all. What is important is that they can finally hold hands generously.
Two people holding hands, don’t even bother to say anything, just looked at each other once in a while, when you say nothing. Their degree is not fast, which is similar to that of a monk in the middle of Dan. For two people, such a degree. It’s like walking. Even so, it took them only ten hours to fly to the cave of Hunyuanzong.
Pointing to the small hole near the giant vine, Xi Fangping said softly, "Sister, this is the entrance of Hunyuan Sect, but if you want to enter the hole, you have to have a formula, otherwise you won’t get in at all." I should have let my school sister go in and have a look, but … Without master’s permission. No one can enter except me, please forgive me. "
Hui Qing chuckled: "Never mind, just tell me what’s in it."
Xi Fangping pointed to the inconspicuous cave entrance and said, "Don’t look at this hole. There is a cave in it. I estimate that Hunyuanzong is not on the magic star, but on another planet. The so-called hole is just a transmission array. Otherwise, such a big hole can’t be unknown all the time, and it doesn’t look like it from the outside of the mountain. This cave covers an area of more than one hundred miles and is about four or five thousand feet high. If you count it carefully, it is much higher than the mountains outside. There are mountains, water and lakes in the cave. Before that disaster, there were countless exquisite houses, bridges and pavilions in the cave, which were beautiful. Later, all this was destroyed. Now there are no houses in the cave, but there are more than 300 kinds of exotic flowers and plants, all of which I planted one after another during these 500 years. " "There are more than 300 kinds of exotic flowers." Huiqing’s face showed a longing expression: "If only I could go in and have a look, there are only thousands of kinds of flowers in our Cihang Temple, and you alone have benefited more than 300 kinds in the cave. Besides exotic flowers and plants, what else is in the cave? "
"There are more than 60 million monster beasts." XiFangPing ha ha laugh.
"More than 60 million, so many." HuiQing eyes are wide open.
"Yes, more than sixty million, before every time I go out, I will take most of the monster beast with me, because this time it is on the magic star, there is no danger, so I put all these monster beasts in the hole. Of the more than 60 million monster beasts, there are 10 in the 14th order, 24 in the 13th order, more than 50,000 in the 10th to 12th order, the majority in the 7th to 9th order, and it is estimated that there are about 40 million, and the rest are all below the 7th order. "
Hui Qing’s chin was almost scared off: "Seven to the team level, that is, the monks who shrugged off the Dan-forming period, brother, you actually have more than 40 million, which. This is really a bit exaggerated.
Xi Fangping put on a look of nothing: "What’s the big deal? If you give me enough time, I can totally toss out a team of hundreds of millions of monsters in the Dan period." However, now that the war is about to explode, I don’t want to miss this opportunity, so I have to rush into battle. Come on, there’s nothing to see here. I’ll show you other places. "
At the foot of an inconspicuous hill, Xi Fangping found the graves of ten brothers in the brothers’ dart line. Although 500 years have passed, Xi Fangping still remembers the location of the tomb clearly. In the past, when the magic star was destroyed, every few years or more, Xi Fangping would find it here, tell his heart to the ten eldest brothers, and at the same time, carefully remove the weeds around him. Further to the side
Special tree. Five hundred years have passed. He came here with at least 20 or 30 cherry trees specially brought from Chu, which have been forested around the tomb and firmly protected it. This tree has a unique feature, and its texture is particularly hard. Moreover, it has thorns all over it, and the thorns are poisonous. Under normal circumstances, people and animals are reluctant to go near it. It is precisely because of this that after more than 500 years, this tomb is still well preserved.
Xi Fangping seriously knocked on nine Xiangtou in front of the graves of the ten brothers, where he told the ten brothers in detail about the experience of more than a hundred years, and let the ten brothers in the grave meet their sweethearts. Only then did he take Hui Qing to the gate of Yunmenjian and let Hui Qing meet seven good friends of Yunmenjian. The tombs of the seven brothers are well protected. People are cleaning them every day, but Xi Fangping doesn’t need to worry.
Xi Fangping took Hui Qing, went to Qinglang Town, went to Yunmenjian, looked at the place where tigers, lions and beasts used to be raised, made a big circle, and finally arrived at Tianchi Mountain. Tianchi Cave was invented by Xi Fangping first. Since his five friends left Tianchi Cave, no one has dared to live in it. Therefore, it is quite well preserved there.
Looking at a pool of clear water, Hui Qing was a little timid: "Brother, I really want to go down, but I can’t swim."