As soon as Huang Lingzi went to Baimeng, let Huang Yue, Jin Chanzi and Tian Hezi pack up their things and go south with them.

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He rode the colorful clouds scattered by the green flies and carried the three of them all the way south.
Neither Jin Chanzi nor Tian He knew where he was going, but they were afraid to ask Huang Yue if he was a Bai Meng peer and asked in a low voice, "Where is the patriarch going?"
Bai Meng didn’t answer. Looking up at the sky, he smiled gently and suddenly reached out and spread it out slowly, but he revealed a key that was as red as blood.
"southern key!" Ahearn read it aloud at the sight of Bai Meng’s things in his hands. (all in bsp; Bai Meng nodded slightly and sneered: "The Huangshan event is just a cover. How can you crush all the magic religions in Huangshan with such a battle? At least there will be another battle. I started this thing to make both the Taoist and the Taoist schools forget that I have the key to the South for the time being. Only when they concentrate on the important event of Huangshan Mountain can I quietly enter the southern tomb of Chiyou to find out! "
"Not to mention where the tomb is, I don’t know if I know it, but I have to be ready to go. This tomb is extremely dangerous, and it is no worse than the imperial tomb. After the Yellow Emperor cracked Chiyou, he divided Chiyou’s body into four parts and buried it everywhere. It is said that the South Tomb is the first tomb with the head. The ancestor Chiyou had great skills and solved four copies of the body, but he didn’t die. He just couldn’t continue to practice. " Huang Yue, a former moon demon patriarch, knows a lot about this.
Bai Meng waved and smiled: "I know more about this tomb than you do. Don’t forget which of my 128 star kings was not a man of the hour in his previous life. According to each of them, it is necessary to clean up and identify them. Now it seems that there are magic weapons for Chiyou himself and his subordinates as well as for suppressing Chiyou in the tomb. Just know nothing about the specific situation inside! "
Bai Meng saw that the three of them looked complicated and couldn’t tell whether to go or not. He smiled and said, "I thought that no matter how dangerous it is, it can’t be more dangerous than the imperial tomb. If the Yellow Emperor didn’t want future generations to open it, he wouldn’t have left the key. If he didn’t leave the key, no one could open the ban in front of the tomb. Then why did his old man leave the key and why did he have to stay in the imperial tomb? To be exact, leaving the key in the imperial tomb is actually a test. If you can get four keys through the imperial tomb, it means that you have the qualification and strength to enter the tomb of Chiyou! If not, Jiuding in the imperial tomb should not fly away! This shows that the purpose of the Yellow Emperor’s imperial tomb was not to preserve Jiuding.
It’s a test at all. If you pass the test, you can open the tomb of Chiyou with four keys! "
Huang Yue was frightened and said, "Could it be that the Yellow Emperor deliberately wanted to give future generations a chance? To open the four tombs and bring Chiyou back to life? "
Bai Meng shook his hand disapprovingly and said, "You don’t have to guess where it is so bizarre as you think? I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. Taoism has been tracking Jiuding for half a year, but there’s no news at all. I always think it has something to do with the four tombs of Chiyou. I want to see it! "
Both the southern part of Yuechengling Mountain and the northern part of Pangling Mountain are more than 2,000 meters high. It’s about the same height as the Lotus Peak in Huangshan Mountain. Originally, it was the land of southern Xinjiang from generation to generation.
Although they are towering mountains and rivers, there is no sea of clouds. They must not be wonderful mountains, and they cannot gather the essence and aura of heaven and earth. Looking down from that mountain peak, the lake lies quietly between two mountains, which is just a Shanyin acupoint.
"What do you think of the feng shui there?" Bai Meng pointed to the lake and asked the crane.
Tianhezi looked around for a long time and frowned: "It is a rare cave image of yin fire. If it is used to bury ancestors, there will never be a peaceful day! "
Bai Meng slightly chin way: "Yes. This is the cemetery that the Yellow Emperor found for Chiyou. I can imagine that the other three cemeteries are definitely not good places for feng shui. Just choose the place with the worst feng shui to find it! "
Tianhezi laughed and said, "This Yellow Emperor is too bad!"
Bai Meng mentioned the moon, the moon and the vine and gently slapped him on the forehead and smiled: "He is the father of humanity. You can’t talk nonsense!"
Huang Yue is nervous in her heart. She has been looking forward to entering the Mausoleum of Chiyou for a long time. Today, she finally got what she wanted. Thousands of thoughts flashed in her heart to revive the magic religion … the Moon Magic Sect … the Guanghan Sect?
Bai Meng glanced at her and suddenly sneered: "Don’t think about it. Some things are enough. I want you to come today to know that the magic teaching is running out of luck! If my calculation is correct, the Mausoleum of Chiyou is not reserved for demons. On the contrary! "
"Ah … impossible!" A careful yellow month heart.
Bai Meng’s face turned cold and he shouted, "I didn’t want to say something originally, but I wanted to make it clear that I asked you to come today. You may still think that you are in the magic religion, but I say you’d better put yourself in the metaphysics to temporarily integrate with Taoism, and in the future, you will try to find a way out for your disciples in this field. Now that you have entered the fairyland, don’t think about any magic teachings. Anyway, as long as you can enter the Tongtian Road, you don’t care about the magic! "
Huang Yue was frightened and hurried to pay homage: "Don’t blame me, suzerain. After all, it’s human nature to miss the magic religion for many years, but I, the Guanghan Sect, must always follow the suzerain and the Xuanmen Sect. I won’t hesitate to kill the demons in the future! "
Bai Meng smiled at the sky and his face was still a little cold. "When I entered Du Jie, I thought about the universe and realized a mystery before I knew that there was no end in sight in the future. So I want to tell you today that there are countless dead ends and only one way to live. I also know that you are smart, but smart is easy to be mistaken. On the other day, you told me that you should seek for perfection in the open door, which made sense, but it inadvertently exposed your mind! "
Huang Yue, a shrewd man, immediately said, "Huang Yue has the heart to revive the Moon Demon Sect and doesn’t hide the fact that the patriarch wants to completely occupy Huangshan Mountain as his own, and Huang Yue can see it. Before the submission, Huang Yue said that the patriarch would treat me sincerely and wait for me to treat the patriarch sincerely! "
The two men spoke a little stiffly, and both Jin Chanzi and Tian Hezi didn’t know what to do, so they quietly stepped back half a step.
Seeing Bai Meng’s silence, Ahearn added, "I think the ground rules set by the patriarch already know that the patriarch’s idea of scattering doors is only the idea of spreading orthodoxy without expanding it. Nowadays, it seems a big taboo for the patriarch to classify more than 20 people into the Guanghan Sect. It is expected that there will not be many survivors when the patriarch fights in the future. Today, the patriarch brought Tianhezi and Jinchanzi with him, but he didn’t bring anyone else. These two people are the most important. I think the patriarch is trying to kill me! "
Bai Meng suddenly smiled and said, "I’ve met a lot of people. It’s really my happy event that you are so shrewd and sophisticated to help me around." It’s just that you’re secretly plotting to leave a trail of the Moon Demon Sect. I can’t tell you that day. Just look at how you handle it and pay attention to your words and deeds. When you talk in Guanghan Temple, you completely reveal your thoughts. You still want to completely occupy my fairyland to inherit the moon magic Sect, so you are smarter than you are! "
Huang Yue sneered, "The patriarch wanted to get rid of me by the name of the tomb of Chiyou, but he didn’t offend me, but he underestimated me!"
Bai Meng smiled and still looked at the lake at the foot of the mountain and said, "The scattered door in my mind is like the scattered door in Jiugong and Qinhuai. Disciples are skilled but not wide-ranging, and each has his own strengths to make up for the lack of Yin and Yang in Xuanjiao, and they will not occupy the authentic position of Yin and Yang. They are suitable for being the scattered door in my family. It’s a pity that you Cantonese Cold School … You, Luo Sakura or 6 Non-success are all people who are bent on success, so it’s easy to suffer if women don’t have such a strong enterprising spirit! "
Huang Yue suddenly stood up and was livid and asked, "If you treat me sincerely, how can I have these small thoughts?"
Bai Meng clear voice laughed coldly and looked back at Huang Yue. He looked down at the lake again and remained silent for a long time before saying, "You are also wrong. I took out 6 non-success at the beginning because I was able to control your dragon son’s experience, and I was able to control Luo Sakura, but Tianqi may not be able to control 6 non-success."
"Ah, does the patriarch mean to keep me and Luo Ying alive?" Huang Yue is dubious.
"After a period of time, I will smoke the red crescent to leave her disciples and naturally take it away.
As for the young woman in silver moon, the person who will replace Luo Ying can’t be a very smart person. I will personally arrange for Jin Lingzi to be in charge of the training, and you don’t have to take care of it. As for Na Yue’s magic door, it is bound to be a dead end, and you will no longer make any efforts. You died one day after I was in Zi Xia Wonderland, and I told you there that you would look good if you did anything wrong. "
Bai Meng made it clear coldly and said slowly, "You are the wildest of all the scattered doors. In fact, I have treated you well. Some people just like to push their luck, and you don’t want to think about where you are entitled to enjoy the fairyland alone with your blessings. So what if it’s the Dragon Sect? I’m not boasting about Haikou. I’m sure I’ll get rid of it within five years. There are still two things I haven’t got, and once I get them, they will be the magic weapon specially used against the bat ancestor! "

Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Hidden dangers
"Then why don’t you kill me and Luo Ying?" Ahearn is somewhat puzzled and dissatisfied. She is already disheartened at the moment. Originally, it was hoped that he would return to China, but now he knows that everything is in Bai Meng’s calculation. These days, he is just deliberately showing weakness to himself, but instead, he has exposed himself.
"It’s just that I think you and Sakura are smart but can’t endanger it. I just want to give you a warning slowly. As long as you put your ambitions away and feel at ease, we can help each other on Tongtian Avenue. In fact, your eyes are too small to see, but the little Zi Xia fairyland doesn’t know at all, but what I see is a big fairyland that can be compared with Kunlun fairyland! " Bai Meng waved his sleeve and smiled, knowing that Huang Yue was already afraid of herself. If she didn’t want her to be really 100% submissive, she could have the heart of being afraid of six points.
"Please also ask the master to name the place where he lives. Huang Yue will be grateful. In the future, he will sincerely submit and never dare to have an external heart!" Huang Yue was so frightened by Bai Meng that she realized that Bai Meng could get to this point in three years, not only by virtue of her own great fairy fate, but also by some calculation and skill. As for this figure born in the Millennium, it is not easy to trip over.
Bai Meng smiled leisurely, turned around and stared at Huang Yue and said, "You should remember that I am cautious about the rules of going away from home and never give birth to so much greed again. I’m the third pulse of Xuanjiao, and what you have learned from Yuemo Sect is only 20% of Jin Lingzi’s pulse, which is far less than my pulse. Under such circumstances, you still have the greed of monopolizing Zi Xia Wonderland. I can only say that you are suicidal. It can be said that I have met people who don’t know much. But I’ve never seen you so good. It’s not a bad thing to learn to be attached to the rich and powerful. The survival of the fittest in this world.
As long as you know that my pulse is constant, your Guanghan School will naturally not be broken! "
Huang Yue gently fell to the ground and knocked: "Huang Yue understands that she will never dare to regenerate greed in the future!"
Bai Meng gently waved his sleeve and said, "Get up, now that greed has been removed from your heart. Then let’s go into the south tomb of Chiyou! "
It’s also thrilling to see Bai Meng’s face turn sunny, and crane and golden toad are all breathing slowly. On weekdays, I only watch Master and Huang Yue talking and laughing. I didn’t know there were so many assassins hidden in it.
The clouds rising in Baimeng took three people to fly down the lake, and the lake was still full of Shaqi surges as seen last time, with no vitality.
Over the past year, Bai Meng has spent almost most of his time in the hall of Tibetan scriptures, and he has learned more about this evil spirit, which is exactly the evil spirit of the earth. The ban on the door of the Eight Diagrams Array was made by borrowing the mysterious power of the evil spirit yin fire acupoint.
He accepted the Yin and Yang spirits to reveal Dreadwind’s true self. I’m not afraid of this evil spirit at all, but I just put Ahearn and others in the Zixiaxian Temple.
On me, thousands of days of ShaQi escaped and filled the whole Bagua array with red silk threads. These are all yin fire silk, that is, a magic weapon for refining red silk sword.
How can this waste others dare not touch these things, but he is not afraid. How can he be afraid to do evil deeds with Dreadwind himself here? Just don’t rashly take it away from the side one by one, otherwise he won’t have a chance to escape if all the yin fire wires call at the same time.
Refining the red silk sword is only one hundred and eight. He carefully covered the whole ban with Dreadwind Qi to prevent the existing red silk from being reused with Dreadwind Qi and turned into a black cloud hand. He collected more than three hundred roots one by one before slowly approaching the central keyhole.
At this time, you can use the key to open the door, but he is a greedy man. This six-layer ban is the six-layer Yin Huosi. I’m afraid there are more than 30,000 Yin Huosi, and the more excellent the texture, the more reluctant it is.
I don’t know how many and how long it took, but I just watched it all bright and dark that day. You can’t open the door at will. You still need a key.
Inserting the southern key into the keyhole in the center has opened the door with a slight turn, but the southern key suddenly turned red and merged into the array door. More than 300 bronze symbols suddenly disappeared with a bang.
Boom … The door of the Eight Diagrams Array suddenly showed a gap three feet wide on both sides, and Bai Meng immediately jumped in. As soon as his figure had all passed through the gate array, he slammed together again without leaving a gap.
The space under the array gate is a 30-foot-old gossip hall, which is empty. There are only eight walls and eight doors with the words "Gan, Kan, Gen, Zhen, Xun, Li, Kun and Dui" written on them.
Bai Meng offered sacrifices to Zi Xia Fairy Temple and released Tianhezi, Jinchanzi and Huangyue, only to find that they were still sleepy and frowned as if they had just woken up and asked, "Did you fall asleep in the temple?"
Tianhezi sighed, "Master, you can’t blame us. It took you fourteen hours to open the door. Everyone was asleep. I just meditated and they fell asleep!"
Bai Meng laughed and showed the Yin Huosi to the three of them. Both Tianhezi and Jinchan were happy and said, "I don’t know how many red silk swords I can forge!"