Pei Xinlei smiled and led her straight into the lighted camp to roll up the curtain-

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"Where are Xin Lei going! Stay so long-"the man who was talking rudely was speechless when he turned around and saw the person next to Pei Xinlei.
"God bless!" Hua, if Pei Xinlei hadn’t pulled Muziling to flash fast, I’m afraid Muziling would have fallen into the clutches.
"God bless?"
It turns out that the people in that account are looking at the map of the case and pulling a long face, which of course includes Fenghua, Xi Jincheng and Cheng Zhenghao, and Li Xin, the guest house.
"BeiZhi see empress-"
"I see the empress-"
In public, they will be busy saluting when they look at this disgraceful woman in front of them, and they will also salute their identity in an instant.
"Don’t-"Mu Ziling personally helped them up one by one. "From the day I left the palace, I will no longer be your empress. You don’t have to be like this!"
When she came to Li Xin, her eyes were more moved than surprised. When she gently shouted "Uncle Li", her eyes were full of tears.
"Miss, please forgive the old slave for not listening to you." Li Xin was also full of mixed feelings and was afraid that she would be angry. She deliberately emphasized, "But I am the only one."
"Are you suffering again?" Muziling held Li Xin’s calloused hand tightly and was particularly kind.
"Niang Niang-"Cheng Zhenghao shouted very uncomfortable.
"From today on, I am no longer an empress. You can call me Mu Ziling or Ziling or Shine." Mu Ziling looked at these, but at any time she shed her blood. The man was very impressed that she was lucky!
"Little Miss" Li Xin is still the old name and seems to be used to it. "How did you come back?"
After Li Xin asked this question, it was hard to believe that Huangfuyu would let go so easily in front of them when she looked at them intact. ! He’s the devil. How can cold feelings have such a compassionate side? I can’t imagine.
How could she not know when she looked at everyone with an unbelievable look?
Is MuZiLing lightly smile aside PeiXinLei looked at her with a face of letter from the beginning to the end of the believe that made her move Volume 1 Chapter 46.
Chapter 46
Muziling gently let go of Li Xin’s hand and paced to the front of the case. She carefully studied the terrain with a bright candlelight and thoughtfully touched the surface. Her actions made everyone look at her intently for fear of disturbing her atmosphere, and did not dare to give a long time. Muziling’s lips escaped with a meaningful smile. She did not lift her eyes and lost the sentence "Zhenghao, how many military forces do we have now?"
"One hundred and fifty-six people" Cheng Zhenghao was surprised by her problem, but he didn’t dare to hide it.
"Is there enough food and grass?" Muziling is still asked indifferently.
"It’s thanks to Xin Leifu." Cheng Zhenghao looked aside and made Pei Xinlei see that his face was blank.
"You took Hanyang in Los Angeles for half a month." Mu Ziling made a point to mark the coordinates of the two cities and finally looked up and asked, "What are the chances of winning?"
People shook their heads with difficulty, and the atmosphere dared not show their eyes. This woman gave people a strong sense of oppression when she was in front of the case. Her hands walked around the map as fast and easy as pointing out the country at will.
"One percent didn’t?" Muziling looked at the bottom and bowed his head slightly, and suddenly realized that these people were not the elites of the inflammatory countries. They were forced to go out this time not voluntarily, but reluctantly or loyally. It is a kind of loyalty to watch them die, and things are barely enough to pay with their lives.
I was thinking that one of them was a little older and said, "According to my humble position, it’s 40%."
"Forty percent?" Mu Ziling looked at the veteran with white beard and shoulder-length in front of him with a little absence. Although he was old, his eyes were particularly clear. He was fond of his old age and was willing to travel here and there like this. "What’s your name?"
Xu Fucheng’s attitude is very respectful.
"Very good!" Muziling nodded approvingly and slowly paced back and forth for a few steps before saying, "Sun Yuebing’s country affairs must be observed and observed."
Therefore, after five things, I ask for my feelings. I say Tao, two days, three days, and four days. I say that those who say Tao make people agree to die and live without fear of danger. Heaven is yin and yang, cold and summer, and the time system is also; The land is far and near, dangerous and easy, wide and narrow, and life and death are also; Will be wise, trustworthy, benevolent, brave and strict; Legalist music system, official way and master all these five things will make those who don’t know better than those who don’t know, so they can’t get over it and ask for their feelings, saying, which way is the master? Who will be able? What is heaven and earth? What is the law? Who is stronger?
Who practices foot soldiers? Who is the reward and punishment? I know the outcome, and I will listen to my plan to win and stay; If you don’t listen to me, you will be defeated.
Listening for profit is the potential to assist its external forces, and the soldiers are also cunning, so they can show that they can’t be close and show that they are far away, but show that they are close and lure chaos, but take real strength and prepare for strength, while avoiding anger and scratching humility, but trying to leave their relatives and attacking them by surprise. This strategist can’t win first.
The husband didn’t fight and the temple counted as the winner. If the temple doesn’t win before the war, it’s too little to count, too much to count, and too little to count. I see the outcome of this view. "
"General Xu’s little girl is right?" Talking about the war debate, I heard everyone silently.
"Empress has a general talent!" Xu Fucheng took a long time to return to god, pleasantly surprised.
"If you know what you know, you can win every battle." Mu Ziling nodded from his head and stared blankly, and Cheng Zhenghao said, "Zhenghao reported the detailed layout of the number and performance of the enemy’s specific military forces and their commander’s personality and habits!"
"It is the most important thing for you to go to rest and maintain your physical fitness!" Muziling seems to be a meticulous commander in chief of the army.
"Yes!" People looked at each other, and Yu’s eyes were filled with a little relief. I don’t know why her orderly wind is not like a female wind, but like a real soldier. I have long heard that this empress is a dragon and phoenix among the best, otherwise Huangfuyu wouldn’t have changed two cities for a woman. It seems that Huangfuyu’s eyes are really unusual
"Uncle Li" Muziling picked the piece of blood jade from the neck and looked at a face of excitement with blazing with anger. He was also shocked just now. Miss Muziling studied the art of war so deeply that he didn’t sigh!
"Yes, Miss" Li Xin is waiting for him. He has a hunch that they will have a new experience, because he actually saw something flashing in Miss’s eyes, murderous and cold, and when they are combined, they will inevitably lead to a road and an extraordinary road.
"Is Uncle Li’s words correct?" MuZiLing handed the breathtaking jade has not Li Xin opening service road "I need your support Volume 1 Chapter 47.
Chapter 47
"yes! Miss "Li Xin excitedly holding the piece of blood jade, he knew that once the blood jade was started, it would be another bloody storm.