The crisp and sweet song floated in the dense forest, full of cheerful flavor, and the two men immediately became alarmed and paid attention to everything around them.

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The cheerful song seems to make people return to their happy childhood. The rabbit, who just jumped around in the grass, also stopped and pricked up its ears as if listening.
The surrounding leaves and grass stems are moving from static to dynamic, and the flowers on the branches should be singing songs and shaking happily like elves.
Not far away, a yellow leaf falls from the branches, floating in the air as if dancing, and even a beautiful arc can be seen along the falling track.
Coincidentally, the leaves fell next to the rabbit in the grass, and the seemingly weak leaves fell on the neck of the white rabbit, and a touch of deep red lotus flower appeared out of thin air.
That red blood broke the original serenity. Almost at the same time when the rabbit was cut off by fallen leaves, the trees and flowers that seemed to be cheerful when singing and dancing showed amazing aggressiveness and lethality.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Leaves of different shapes, large and small, have fallen off the branches and turned into countless emerald streamers.
A little bit …
The grass of different lengths skyrocketed like crazy, and the grass stems turned into wrist thickness in a short time, and they were drawn to Chen Han and Chen Yan.
Chi chi chi …
Colorful petals, like colorful clouds, are overwhelming for the two.
The whole original ecological forest grassland seems to be injected with stimulants, and every leaf, every grass stem and every petal is haunted by magical energy, releasing conan the destroyer’s incomparable power, and every blow is comparable to the effort of the Chinese in the late third-order constitution.
Cover the sky!
Under this kind of absolute coverage with almost no gap, even if hundreds of millions of fierce beasts are in it, they will be instantly killed by endless attacks.
How tough is the savage beast’s body?
What about the late realm of Xianjun?
You can block two or even three attacks at a time. Even if you can block a hundred attacks, can you block 110,000 attacks at the same time?
No way!
So, here is the nightmare in the hearts of those fierce beasts in the wild, and it is a forbidden area that they dare not cross. Even though they have escaped the attack here, there are more and more horrors in it, which is enough to instantly destroy hundreds of millions of fierce beasts in a moment, and no fierce beasts dare to take the initiative to enter the remains of ancient gods.
Chen Han and Chen Yan were almost scared to death. Don’t say that they have the power of the field. Even if the top immortal emperor faces this endless attack, the powerful protective fairy gang will be exhausted, and it will be nullified on the spot in a blink of an eye, not to mention the Chinese immortal.
Just when Chen Yan was almost desperate, she always held the latosolic red jade brand in her hand, as if she had a spiritual wisdom and floated out voluntarily.
The latosolic red glow enveloped him, and the leaves, grass stems and petals all over the sky were on the verge of leaving the body. Somehow, they avoided him and turned their targets, and they came to Chen Han in succession.
What’s going on here?
Before he had time to think about the reason, he was in front of Chen Han in a hurry, but Chen Han kicked him away: "Is there something wrong with your head?" Can you stop attacks from all directions? Besides … Do you think the number of attacks in the late stage of Ziwei Xuanxian is meaningful to me? "
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Attacks from all directions are endless. God knows how many there are, but at least there are more than one billion, which is enough to kill hundreds of millions of fierce beasts that confronted outside before.
Massive attacks poured on Chen Han, who seemed to be knocked around by countless locomotives, completely unable to control his body and throw it in the air. However, despite the endless attacks, this attack is enough to kill the top immortal emperor, but even he can’t hurt a hair.
The attack in the later period of Chinese Xuanxian can consume the protective immortal of any level. As long as there is enough, even if the immortal doesn’t dodge, it will be broken. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even have any effect on Chen Han, whose body can resist the attack of the late fairy.
"If only the big ye had such a strong defense, I drop a darling …"
Looking at those attacks that can kill the immortal emperor, Chen Yan has forgotten to worry about him, and the envious saliva is almost dripping out.
Incredibly strong flesh, unless a single attack reaches the limit he can bear, a single attack can’t be broken, and so can hundreds of millions of attacks.
What does this mean?
That is to say, as long as the other party’s strongest attack can’t be broken, even if hundreds of millions of troops are present, as long as they don’t form a war, he can kill a three-in-three infested person.
Hundreds of miles of plants in Fiona Fang seemed to be crazy, and the attack lasted for less than half an hour, until there was no more plant in this area.
Trees are dying …
The grass stems are broken …
Flowers fall …
The ground became bare, and no trace of life could be found. Plants were completely destroyed after releasing all the attacks, and those ordinary actions were cut into the smallest particles in the covering attacks, and there were no imitators.
Chen Han got up from the ground, shook off the dust and breathed a long sigh of relief. He muttered to himself, "Fortunately … fortunately, Lao Tzu cultivated the Emperor’s extremely shocking records and changed to other immortals. I am afraid he would have died thousands of times. How many attacks did he just have?"
"At least 300 billion attacks!"
"I do, you still have the mood to count?"
Glared at Chen Yan, who gave a serious report, Chen Han adjusted the clothes full of wrinkles: "Now you can be sure of one thing. Holding the seal of the cover treasure should be safe and sound, but it is only effective for the holder, so don’t flatter yourself."
The so-called romantic is to ask Chen Yan not to give him the Hallows, just like the attack that others can’t resist. There is no threat to Chen Han, but Chen Yan can’t even find any meat dregs.
Thinking of the horrible scene just now, Chen Yan nodded: "I see, I don’t want to die young, so you should be careful."
The singing stopped with the destruction of plants in this area, but the palm-sized seal of the earth-covered treasure still released the bright and beautiful glow, enveloping Chen Yan.
"The words of that song just now, I … I seem to have heard it somewhere, but I can’t remember it again …" Chen Han walked forward while paying attention to the surrounding situation, and suddenly frowned and said this sentence.
"Can’t you? With our memory, we have long been able to remember everything. Since we have heard it, it is absolutely impossible to forget it, unless it was before you became a true practitioner. "