However, this Yin-Yang family has to find a way to open the channel by itself during the hard Mahayana period. No one calls you at all. If you can’t break the void and go to the celestial shenzhou by yourself, you can only stay on earth for the rest of your life, but it seems that most Yin-Yang families have found their way.

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Maybe some people get lost in the starry sky?
In this way, there are actually six realms in the Yin and Yang family’s road to cultivate immortality: refining qi, refining qi and restoring emptiness. The first three phases are to cultivate immortality, and the goal is to gain the power of truth, truth, Du Jie and Mahayana.
I have read most of the classics of Yin-Yang Sect. Like Taoism, Yin-Yang Sect mostly does not cultivate the body, but only cultivates the soul, three souls and seven souls.
Yin and Yang scholars believe that human’s three souls can be divided into Yin and Yang, and human’s three souls and seven spirits, including seven spirits, three spirits for Venus, four spirits for wood grain, five spirits for water, six spirits for fire and seven spirits for Shi Ying.
Seven-star initiates can integrate the seven spirits into the sword and enter the main Kun by the way of sword spirit, but repairing the sword or other magic weapons can only protect the spirit but not the soul. If the three souls are to avoid reincarnation, they must be refined to the true Yuan period.
Man’s three souls, the ghost, the yin, the yang, the man’s soul, the yin and the yang, are very realistic. They think that man can’t get rid of it. Without it, he is not a man, and he can’t get rid of it.
Hey, hey, it’s not bad to see Bai Meng here and fix this Yin and Yang Sect with a smile. Although you have to find your own way after Mahayana, you can avoid the pain of getting carried away. Who can really get carried away? That’s still a person. The whole thing is just a stone.
This is the driving force of human progress. No, that’s a corpse.
The magical function of the dragon turtle has finally been found out. It turns out that the biggest magical function of this dragon turtle is that it can be attached to the dragon turtle to continue practicing after the body is broken and the Yuan God is out of body.
It turns out that this dragon turtle is a treasure of heaven and earth, and its longevity is the same as that of heaven and earth.
So the reality of Haoyang is Du Jie’s later period. This dragon turtle is also useful with him, but it’s far less useful than his own. If something goes wrong one day and his body is destroyed, the only way is to take possession of it and borrow the dragon turtle’s body to forge a new body, and you don’t have to look for new ones everywhere.
It seems that in the future, you must forge seven swords of Yin-Yang and Five Elements by yourself, and put your seven spirits into it, otherwise you can’t wield the great power of the seven-star fellow initiates of Yin-Yang Sect.
The sword repair of Mount Emei in Shushan is to use the Yuan God to join the sword. Now, it is possible to control the Zijin positive heart sword with the Yuan God in two places, but it is not the five-spirit cultivation of the five-element sword array.
The way of "Shajunbao Store" is paved, and the old beam with 40% of Bai Meng’s shares and 20% of them are the real big owners.
But this time, it’s really a great magic weapon, magic seal, medicinal materials and cinnabar … It’s really that everything comes to the store and it’s several times bigger than others. After the store, the business is getting bigger and bigger, but the customers of other businessmen are slowly flowing away.
When I got up in the shop, Bai Meng also helped the scattered people tidy up a magic weapon for practicing.
Bai Meng, who doesn’t like flying swords and asking for a piano tripod, has long known these things, and it’s not surprising that it took a month to slowly collect and sort out a set of artifacts in the celestial wares, such as the Yin-Yang double tripod Taibai gold needle, the flowing piano, the Tianshui forgetful lock, the fire dragon cover and the colorful flying stone Wude celestial wares.
This set is mostly for life-saving and play, which is the most distracting thing.
The cultivation of Yin and Yang Sect is really fierce, and it will take ten days to repair it. I can’t help but be idle and bored this day. In the shop, Huang Tianhu and their landlords fight for the bottom of 1,000 yuan, and winning or losing once is about 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. Although the heat is a little small, it is also a pleasure for everyone to play.
Bai Meng has just got a good hand, and two kings and three bombs in his hand are beaming with joy. It is estimated that he can win at least 50,000 to 60,000 in his heart, but someone outside the store shouted: "Where is Dadong’s house? I have something to sell!"
Fuck, man, I can’t believe it’s bothering me to win money.
Bai Meng frowned and pointed to Huang Tianhu and said, "Go talk about the business and we will wait for you!"
Huang Tianhu didn’t dare to stand up when he heard this. He just kept winking at Bai Meng.
"What the hell? When did Huang Tianhu stop listening to me?"
Bai Meng felt strange that Huang Tianhu’s eyes were strange, so he stood up and turned to look outside the store. He only saw a strong man in a robe covered with black gas, white as a blind eye, holding an ancient book in his left hand, and holding a flagpole in his right hand, which was full of white but emitting strong resentment. It seemed that the top of the flagpole was made of a thousand-year-old resentment bone. On the top of the flagpole was a skull flag with a shining red light and a three-yin skull painted with a monty evocation spell.
Bai Meng couldn’t help but frown. This is an authentic person who cultivates magic. It is different from repairing truth. Every person who cultivates magic must be a real practice. Their methods can’t be bought in Xinhua Bookstore. They are all passed down by his master. In the end, they can go to the fairy world without destroying the broken void.
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Chapter 28 This is how photocopiers are used.
It’s just that although there are many people in the magic way who are far better than Taoist disciples, they never make public appearances and joke about so many monasteries in the world. As long as you show up, I don’t know how many people will besiege you.
Yuan Shen found out that the strength of this devil is slightly higher than himself, but his magic weapon is terrible. Unfortunately, his evil spirit is not afraid of his magic weapon.
"What business does this gentleman want to talk about? Sit down and talk slowly!" Bai Meng immediately called him to sit down and watched Wang Ding and Huang Tianhu stand there still holding cards in their hands. He growled, "What kind of big customers will I play today? Let Tianhu fucking move to pour tea and Lao Wang to get my cigars!"
"I just smoke three or five cigarettes without cigars. I didn’t get one for three or five years. I just escaped from the prison door for two years!" The devil sat across from Bai Meng rudely and took the teacups and cigarettes brought by Huang Tianhu. He simply smoked them and looked at Bai Meng with a grin: "I heard that the evil brother has a famous name. Lao Zi has several things that you can’t accept. Others don’t have the courage!"
It is said that the government has such a secret prison to detain these illegal people, but it is said that as long as it is not out of line and it will not be too difficult, it is ok not to explode a large-scale massacre anyway. Bai Meng had heard about it and didn’t agree.
To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve been doing business with a demon. Bai Meng rubbed his nose and took a good cigar from Huang Tianhu. He took a leisurely sip and pulled his tie and smiled: "Thank you, brother. Since you say so, it seems that things are not small!"
He conveniently called Huang Tianhu and winked at him to close the shop door and talk to the devil behind closed doors.
As soon as the door closed, Bai Meng asked the devil, "I don’t know which brother is from?"
"I’m from the Seventh Shamen in Jiangbei. It doesn’t matter if my last name is Saman. Brothers on the road call me a supercilious look, so do you!"
"I’m afraid it’s not so easy to say that I can’t accept anything good from that white-eyed husband. Although I am famous in this business, I’m not that good!"
"Ha Shajun is modest. You can look at the goods first. You can accept it if I don’t brag!"
The baiwenhang gentleman took out the treasures to be sold one by one, and there were six pieces in all. Among them, the most blindfolded one was the ancient book in his hand-The Magic Tales of Nine Ghosts and Ghosts. This is the method and know-how of using the magic tripod of nine ghosts and gods. Without this book, Bai Meng’s hands can’t really display the great magical power of this tripod.
To put it mildly, the other five items are authentic stolen goods, so dirty that to a certain extent, there are a pair of pirated goods-Ziyun Sword and Qingyun Sword, which are the magic weapons of Emei Shushan Sect’s fame, but the materials and crafts of these two swords are excellent and absolute top grade.
The other three are magic objects, among which a pair of white jade, a man and a woman are extremely enchanting and stunning, although they are just like white jade, and they are all flushed at a glance, and their lust is like fire, so they quickly turn to look at other magic objects.
The remaining two are a five-element poisonous smoke gourd and an evil spirit bell.
These three magic things are beyond the control of ordinary people, especially the pair of white jade, which is really very powerful. No one has used the true qi to fuel the magic weapon itself, and it has already fascinated a few people around it when it is scattered gently.
Wang Ding, Five Blessingg, Supreme, has a lucky star and is barely able to control himself, but Huang Tianhu can’t control himself, so he immediately responded.
Bai Meng immediately took the yellow gold foil symbol and drew a magic symbol of Nanzong town. He pressed it on the white jade and glared at Huang Tianhu. "Don’t be ashamed here and go out!"
As soon as the monster stopped Huang Tianhu, he woke up and shook his head quickly. "That’s a great baby. I’ll go out and have a look first!"
Bai Meng cares about these six magic weapons in his heart. It can be said for sure that Ziyun and Qingyun are the products of Baiwenhang Jun. The problem is that people who can use this kind of thing are not simple. Baiwenhang Jun can’t kill anyone. Maybe these seven evil spirits can work together to get rid of others.
The other four routes will never be very clean. They must have frowned from the infighting in the magic road and asked the baiwenhang gentleman, "Do you want to sell cash or change things?"
The baiwenhang gentleman said with a smile, "It’s natural to change things. I’ve heard people say that the magic tripod of the Nine Ghosts is in Shajun’s hand, so my master wants to exchange the other five pieces for the tripod master. His old man asked me to bring this" Magic Chronicles of the Nine Ghosts "to tell Shajun that it is the treasure of our master, and you can’t use it! Now these things are the top goods that we can take out by the seven evil doors. I just want to exchange them for the baby. You don’t think this business will suffer! "
This business is naturally cost-effective, not to mention other things, but the double swords of Ziyun and Qingyun are far more expensive than the magic tripod of Nine Ghosts, not to mention the other three things, which are also the best in the world.
Bai Meng smoked a cigar and suddenly asked, "If I want to include all six items, how much price do you want for the Nine Ghosts and Ghosts?"
The baiwenhang gentleman was surprised and laughed again: "Unless you dare to eat black, I think the evil spirit gentleman should forget it. Don’t tell us that the seven evil spirits are not so easy!"
"Well, when we do business for the first time, I can’t go too far and ask me to agree to this business. You can also use the" Nine Ghosts and Ghosts "for me for five minutes at most!" Bai Meng pondered and added, "I don’t think you have any magic weapon on you. Your master would rather trade so many things with me than give you one that we rarely meet. It’s also a fate. As long as you agree to give me the" Nine Ghosts and Ghosts "for five minutes, I will leave you this five-line poisonous smoke gourd. Your master will never know anyway!"
Baiwenhang’s heart was shocked and then delighted, and Bai Meng was right. There was really no other treasure on him except the magic evocation complications of his master’s three cloudy days. If you can get a five-element poisonous smoke gourd, it will be cool. After five minutes, he will not see anything even if he has a good memory. Immediately smiled and said, "that’s very easy for you to read, but we agreed that it would take five minutes at most. I can look at my watch now!" "
Bai Meng smiled in his heart and took the "Nine Ghosts and Ghosts" and casually turned it over. Wang Ding came over and whispered: "There is a copier behind the store to make a copy for me!"
Seeing Wang Ding walking to the back yard of the store with the "Nine Ghosts and Ghosts", Baiwenhang was a little anxious to stand up and Bai Meng smiled: "It doesn’t matter. I’m not interested in this. Let him go to Lao Liang. Lao Liang likes to study this kind of thing. Do you know this person?"
"No … I don’t know. I know the name. I heard the master say it!"
The baiwenhang gentleman had to sit down with Bai Meng and continue to talk nonsense, but his eyes kept staring at the backyard as if he were burning his ass.