It seems that there is something to ignore.

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Sit Fang Liu old lady looked at low head "since Gu Guogong house family affairs are finished, should we also talk about this let’s Amber Houfu thing?"
"Huh?" Gu Huai also some slouches; He hates Liu Hongyan, but he grew up together. When she was a child, she was so naive and simple; But when I grow up, I look like this.
"Tingting, our family, you, Gu Guogong, were involved in abortion. Do you want to just forget it?" Xu’s voice suddenly pointed sharply at Gu Huai. "My Tingting’s belly is too flesh and blood!"
"Gu Jinxi, what are you laughing at?" The Xu Qiao face sank.
"I laugh at some people who are shameless." Gu Jinxi said word for word. "Too flesh and blood, did Mrs. Liu ever admit it? Perhaps it’s Jin Sunseeker’s ignorance, but I don’t know that this unmarried pregnant woman actually dares to throw her weight around in other people’s houses. "
"You …" Xu was furious. "I’m not finished with you until I tell you this!"
"How can I make it clear?" Gu Jinxi turned to look at the still gloomy weather outside the window. Maybe there are some things that God has already predicted, rubbing his wrist and flashing clean glass beads. The anxiety is miraculously calm. "The thing is that Aunt Liu did Liu Manting but suffered from an accident; If you really want to talk about those things, are we Gu Guogong people forcing Liu Manting to eat them? "
"It’s a pity that something happened to you, Gu Guogong!" Xu’s intransigence
"Then according to Mrs. Liu’s meaning, I don’t know how Amber Houfu is going to give me an explanation from Gu Guofu." Gu Jinxi’s old saying goes, "After all, according to Mrs. Liu’s meaning, my sister Lan is also your Amber Houfu, isn’t it?"
Mrs. Liu heard that her eyes were slightly narrowed and her eyes flashed "What a sharp-tongued girl"
"Not as good as Liu Manting, Miss Liu in your house," Gu Jinxi chuckled. "If I remember correctly, Liu Manting still owes an apology to Miss Liu, or has Amber Houfu already forgotten the lesson?"
Old lady Liu and the hsu immediately changed their faces and stared at Gu Jinxi "Hello …"
"I’m very well, Mrs. Liu wakes up." Gu Jinxi took a deep breath and smiled with grace and obedience, but she didn’t violate the posture. "There are too many things in our house today, so please leave two more."
Looking at Gu Jinxi’s anger and arrogance, I feel Gu Jinxi’s whole body is radiant with coldness; Gu Huai’s eyes are darkened and his heart hurts. It’s all because of him!
"Please, two!" Thinking that he also gave the marching orders coldly.
"You don’t insult others too much!" The hsu nasty LiuManTing but counting on that piece of meat to marry into the mansion now belly rely on how to accept her without too much dislike for her?
Can a woman who has suffered too much rain and dew marry someone else? Does her daughter really want to be an ancient Buddha?
Mrs. Liu’s face flashed. "I mean, since my family Manting had an abortion in your house, what about the abortion in your house, Miss Lan and Amber Houfu?"
Smell speech Gu Jin sunseeker’s eyes flashed and looked at Mrs. Liu’s country, which really deserves to be a child prodigy who has lived for decades
"That’s all right" Gu Huai just stop "please"
Corner Gu Jinlan suddenly stared at Gu Jinxi with his hands clenched into fists if … If what happened was her Gu Jinlan’s father, would he compromise so easily?
Common girl! Common girl!
Does she deserve it just because she’s an ordinary woman’s house?
"Mom, how can you do this?" Xu grabbed Mrs. Liu’s hand in a hurry. "What is her status as Gu Jinlan, and she can be compared with our Tingting’s pregnant phoenix grandson just because she is a bastard?"
Old lady Liu’s eyes were heavy and her backhand severely dumped the Xu’s slap.
Xu was suddenly stunned for a long time and did not return to absolute being.
"Then we won’t bother much and leave now."
Thinking of the scenes that just happened, Mrs. Liu’s eyes narrowed slightly with doubts and seemed to have some enlightenment; I turned to stare at Gu Huai for a long time, but I couldn’t find any shadow in my memory. I didn’t know what the fundus was actually a little disappointed.