Qing Lin said, "Let me try first. If it really can’t change, I will throw it away. "

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Bihe knew that Qing Lin still had some children’s minds, so she didn’t advise anything. She stood up. "Well, Qing Lin, I should go. Sister is waiting for the day when you practice successfully. At that time, you must come to the Jade Girl Gate to find your sister. "
Qing Lin nodded. He suddenly remembered something. "Elder sister, don’t go yet. The master is preparing a farewell banquet for you."
Blue lotus smiled, "no, the more wine you drink, the more filled with sadness. Why don’t you two drink by yourselves? I won’t accompany you. "
Bihe left the place where she lived for nearly a month without any hesitation or waiting for Qing Lin to say more words to retain her.
Pei Di came up with tables, "hey, qing Lin. What about Bihe girl? "
Qing Lin said with some listlessness, "Let’s go. Elder sister was afraid that drinking with us would lead to more parting worries, so she left before you were ready. "
Pei Di oh, disappointment has not climbed up his face, he laughed, "go away, there is nothing to be sad about. In the future, the girl Bihe will not be with us, so we can have a lot less scruples. Where the two men live, she has an extra girl. How much trouble you have caused us. Let’s go. Okay, let’s go. Come, Qinglin, have a drink with the master! "
Qing Lin shook his head, "want to drink yourself, I want to have a good sleep now. Ah, I’m really sleepy. With the elder sister gone, I can finally sleep in my bed again. "
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Chapter VI Save for a rainy day
The sixth chapter save for a rainy day 【 collection, recommended votes 】
A few days after the leisurely days, Qingliangshan received an order from the Sect. Command requires antique immediately transferred from the personnel of qingliangshan 40 to 50 people, organized, to hassa countries, for a year or so.
This order is very abrupt, without any warning in advance, but no one, including the ancient style, feels strange. The relationship between Tianfeng country and Hassa country is good and bad, and there have been countless large-scale wars in history, and no one has been able to win anyone. At this stage, the relationship between the two countries is acceptable, not good friends, but also neighbors with barely passable relations. No one can guarantee how long this relationship can last. It is obviously necessary to make some necessary preparations for the future. It’s natural to put the safety of Tianfeng country in the first place. The most important purpose of the Jingtian Sect is to install a point like Qingliang Mountain in the desolate northwest, so as to monitor the movement of the Hasa country opposite the Yingqi Pass and give strong support to the local garrison when necessary.
Antique understanding belongs to understanding, but there is also a little dissatisfaction in my heart, because with the order, there are only a few poor funds. With these funds, when I arrived in Kazakhstan, I was barely able to rent a quadrangle with a decent area to house the people and horses he took with him, so I couldn’t care less about eating and drinking.
In my heart, I lamented that the master was too stingy, and Antique had to think hard about how to better complete the tasks assigned by his legacy under the premise of economic conditions. Whether he can make further progress in the power pyramid system of the earth-shattering faction is undoubtedly a very critical moment at the moment. If you grasp it, he may rise to the top, and it is not impossible for him to be named the sect elder at last.
After thinking for a long time, Antique made a decision, and this time, he took his team to Kazakhstan for investigation. One of them was indispensable, and that was chef Pei Di. Taking the chef there can save a lot of money on food and drink, which is equivalent to reducing the expenditure in disguise. As for Qinglin, it is bound to stay in Qingliang Mountain, and there is also a need for a person to be responsible for cooking for the left-behind people.
Antique sent someone to call Pei Di, let him prepare, and go down the mountain with big troops early tomorrow morning.
Pei Di’s decision to smell the antique at first sight was both a surprise and a worry. Surprisingly, their family has been a vassal family of the Shocking Sect for generations, and it is responsible for catering for the disciples of the Shocking Sect who have not yet reached the valley. He was selected as a child and sent to Qingliang Mountain for more than 20 years. He has never had a chance to leave within 50 miles of Qingliang Mountain. This time, he was able to go to Hassa, which is also a wish of understanding him and seeing the exotic customs of Hassa. It is also a joy of life. What worries Pei Di is that it takes a year, and he is most worried about Qinglin. He once promised to let Qinglin go to the five-year election meeting of the shocking school. Now it’s only more than seven months before the convening of the conference. He followed the big troops to Kazakhstan, and it’s not clear whether Qing Lin can attend the election meeting at that time.
Pei Di truthfully told the antique about his worries. The latter pondered for a moment and immediately made a promise. "Teacher Pei Di, you don’t have to worry. Qing Lin is a young man. I still appreciate him. He is so talented that he can’t set foot on the road of cultivating truth. It’s really a pity. In this way, when we leave, I will tell you that I will give Qing Lin a month’s holiday before and after the election of the new conference and let Qing Lin go to Beijing to attend the election of the new conference. It is his blessing to be chosen. Since then, he has stayed in Beijing and received the teaching of his master’s brother. If he can’t be chosen, he will not be discouraged. He can return to our Qingliang Mountain and continue to be his little chef. "
Antique is a bit stingy, but it is also a person with a cold face and a warm heart. Pei Di knew it would be such a result. He bowed and cheated again, instead of Qing Lin’s kindness and thanks for the thoughtful consideration of the ancient style.
Back to the world that belongs to them, Pei Di told the news to Qing Lin. Qing Lin looked a little startled, and after a while he was relieved. In the final analysis, he is a nobody and has no ability to change the fact that master and apprentice are about to separate.
"Master, we will be separated for a year tomorrow. I can’t take care of you with you. You must take care of yourself more, drink less wine, save the money saved, and ask a teacher’s mother for me when you come back." Qing Lin forced a smile.
Pei Digang was about to retort, and a bit of sadness suddenly hit his heart. He sighed faintly. "Qing Lin, you are still a small child. I was in the mountains before, and other people dare not bully you. With the master gone, maybe someone will be picky and say it’s hard to listen to you. Ignore them. When the master comes back, he will teach them a lesson for you. Besides, when we leave here, there will be about ten people left on the mountain, and their diet must be taken care of without any mistakes. Master has been cooking in the mountains for more than 20 years, and he has never made any mistakes. This signboard can’t be smashed in your hands. "
Thinking that we can’t see each other again for a year, both the master and the apprentice are completely sleepy, sitting in the yard, looking at the bright moon and blowing the already warm spring breeze, as if only in this way can we eliminate the coming worries.
At dawn the next day, Antique gathered more than 40 people, and asked them to take their bags and go down the mountain, cross the Yingqi Pass and go to Kazakhstan.
Just after Gu Feng and others left, Lu Shangpeng, who was selected by him to temporarily take his place in managing the affairs of Qingliang Mountain, said with a dark face, "Dear brothers and sisters, I was trusted by my uncle and entrusted me with everything in Qingliang Mountain for the time being. Then I will be responsible for uncle Shi’s orders. Now, with the green forest, there are only eleven people on the mountain, and their strength is much thinner. In order to prevent accidents, no one is allowed to go down the mountain without permission except for the necessary patrol of the mountain every day. "
Ah! They shouted with discontent.
Lu Shangpeng without the slightest emotion, "ShiShu didn’t go before, we have more than 50 people, but we are often touched up the mountain by the wonder of Kazakhstan and sneak attack on us. Today, our strength has been reduced by more than 90%. If we can’t shrink the remaining strength together, it will be easily broken by the people of Kazakhstan. I hope all other disciples can understand my painstaking efforts and don’t spend precious strength on unnecessary consumption. It’s not easy for everyone to get to this day. No one wants to die in the attack of the other side without dying in the open confrontation, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
The crowd was silent.
What Lu Shangpeng said is not unreasonable. As an outpost set up in the border, Qingliangshan often encounters various conflicts with the practitioners of the Hasa country. They are either ordered to sneak into the Hasa country for sneak attack and spying, or in turn enjoy the same treatment imposed on them by the Hasa country. Almost every once in a while, people will be injured, even if they die, it is not uncommon.
"The world’s things, wide world out there, in order to prevent someone from sneaking up the mountain, kill one of us, and then make a makeover, with the intention of mixing with us. From tomorrow on, I will pass on a password every day. When you meet other disciples in the future, the first thing to do is to ask each other. If the other party hesitates a little, give a signal immediately, and whatever we are doing, we must rush there immediately and encircle it together. " Lu Shangpeng announced another deliberate decision.
They are deeply troubled, but they can’t find a reason to refute. Lu Shangpeng did this for everyone’s safety. Without the ancient guard, there are less than 40 students, and the Qingliang Mountain is really too thin. No one can guarantee that the fix-up circle of Hasa will not take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make any little moves.

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Chapter VII Brain Falling and Rooting
Chapter VII Take root in the brain 【 for collection, recommended votes 】
Lu Shangpeng’s prudence, in the first few days, really caused a panic among the people who stayed in Qingliang Mountain, but after ten days, Qingliang Mountain regained its original calm. During this time, let alone someone sneaking up the mountain, even a little trouble, it was nothing.
Everyone else slackened off, only Lu Shangpeng still insisted on his caution, and after thinking about the password every day, he informed everyone. However, his persistence did not win the respect of all the people, but the people who stayed behind also had a little boredom with him. Lu Shangpeng’s virtue and strength are not enough to convince the public. Don’t say it’s him, even from the rest of the few people, just carry one out, it is impossible to convince others. They have similar accomplishments and similar ages. In the past, in the big and small transactions in Qingliangshan, there was no brilliant performance, and all of them were extremely mediocre. Lu Shangpeng was just arrogant inside the blokes.
Qing Lin has no mind to care about who will be the temporary manager of Qingliang Mountain, and he doesn’t care about whether Qingliang Mountain will be attacked by people. He is a small cook, and even if he has more heart in this respect, it is useless. Qing Lin still has a lot of things to do. Every day before dawn, he will get up, make a fire to cook, cut wood and carry water, and weed and catch insects in the garden. Every day, Qing Lin lives a full life. He is at the peak of his physical strength, and he doesn’t feel so tired every day, but he is a little lonely. After Pei Di left, there was no one to talk to on the mountain.
The ten people left behind are not very high-minded, but they are also diligent. Every day, they patrol the mountains, practice and learn from their classmates. No one has any spare time to talk to a cook, especially Qing Lin, who is not yet an adult, has nothing in common with them.
Whenever I am free, the only pleasure of Qinglin is to let one or two soybean people out and play with him. The intelligence of Xiaodouren is not very high, which is about the same as that of a one-year-old or two-year-old doll. He loves to cry and laugh, and loves to run and jump, which brings a lot of happiness to Qinglin. The only regret is that every time Xiaodouren’s activity time is too short, he loses his life in just a few minutes.
At the beginning, Qing Lin asked Xiao Dairen to play with him every day. A few days later, Qing Lin found the defective spar embedded in the slate, and the color gradually faded. At the beginning, it was not obvious. After two or three days, Qing Lin, who was observant, discovered this change, and Qing Lin was too scared to get Xiao Dairen out casually.
The moon is in the sky, and the moon is bright and the stars are thin. After cleaning the last pair of bowls and chopsticks, Qinglin soaked more than ten kilograms of soybeans in water, ready to send out soybean sprouts for cooking. Very not easy to finish everything, Qing Lin went to the yard and sat in the chair. He took out the slate and caressed it and the soybeans over and over again as if caressing mo’s lover’s skin. After a long time, Qing Lin couldn’t bear the desire, and gently touched the bump on the slate. Because he pressed it too hard, he just pressed it on the bump next to the dead bean that was sentenced by Master Bihe.
There was no movement in the dead bean, and no small soybean people came out to play with the green forest. Qing Lin buckled the dead bean out, looked at the dead bean for several times in the moonlight, and found no difference between him and a few days ago. He was still dead and lifeless, and looked no different from ordinary soybeans.
Qing Lin’s eyes fell on the inferior SPAR whose color has faded. He suddenly made a great determination. In order to let the small soybean people play with him for more time, this dead bean can’t continue to consume the already few SPAR aura anyway.
Qing Lin raised her hand and was about to throw the dead bean out. Suddenly, she remembered something. She shrank back with her hand and threw it, and the dead bean was thrown into the air by Qing Lin. Qing Lin immediately opened his mouth and tried to catch the dead beans. When Pei Di was here before, Qing Lin often saw the master do this, which made him feel very funny. In private, Qing Lin did not imitate it less.
Qing Lin successfully caught the dead bean with his mouth, but at the moment when he closed his teeth, his tongue didn’t know what was going on, and it stayed between the upper and lower jaws. When the teeth closed, Qing Lin suddenly felt a pain, and his tongue was bitten by his teeth, and blood flowed out of the wound. The dead bean that fell in his mouth was wrapped in Qing Lin’s blood in an instant.
Dead beans are activated by the vibrant blood in the green forest, and generate shines out of full of green. Green light swept, and in an instant, the wound on Qing Lin’s tongue healed, as if it had never appeared before.
What is even more surprising is yet to come. The dead bean flies at a very fast speed and reaches the upper jaw of Qinglin’s oral cavity. A beam of green light shoots out from the dead bean and shines on the upper jaw of Qinglin. In an instant, a hole the size of a soybean grain appears, and the dead bean drills in along the hole and keeps going up until it reaches the skull cavity of Qinglin. After the dead bean stopped, the hole left behind it also recovered, just like the wound on Qing Lin’s tongue, everything recovered.
The dead bean didn’t hurt any tissue in the body of Qinglin. It seemed to know the way, and it was squeezed into the ravine of the brain. Up and down, left and right, without any contact with the brain.
Countless soft green lights full of gurgling vitality emanated from the dead beans and instantly filled the entire cranial cavity of Qinglin.
It all happened so fast that I blacked out in front of the sore green forest. In the bright moonlight, the green light emitted by the dead beans was projected from his head, and the green light flowed from top to bottom, and it was wrapped in the green forest in a moment.
Dead bean is not a dead bean, but a spirit bean born in heaven and earth, and it is also the most advanced spirit bean among spirit beans. More precisely, it is also a kind of magical life. I don’t know how many masters I have experienced during this period, but no one can discover the secret of Tianling Bean. Tossing and turning, I reached the hands of Qing Lin.
As luck would have it, Qing Lin’s constitution, like his name, is an excellent wooden constitution, and there are trees everywhere in the five elements. His blood has a wonderful effect than other people’s blood, which contains all the substances that activate Tianling beans. It’s not that no one thought about activating Tianling beans with blood before, but they all failed because of their impure five elements. This time, if it wasn’t a coincidence, Qinglin might have missed this tianling bean that will be bred by heaven and earth for hundreds of millions of years.
In the cranial cavity of Qinglin, the first thing to do is to help Qinglin improve her weak constitution. In fact, Qinglin’s physique is still good. Although he failed to set foot on the road of cultivating truth, he still learned a lot of tricks of physical exercise. Antique, when in a good mood, once gave directions to Pei Di and Qing Lin two or three times, which benefited them both.