After the horse went up the mountain, it was a little hard. After all, it was pulling a cart rack that big, and it was estimated that there were two people with a total weight of 200 kilograms-less than it was.

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The more you go up the mountain, the unconscious Haikui feels depressed in his heart. This feeling is called intuition, uneasy intuition. Although it is getting brighter and brighter, it is getting darker and darker in his heart.
Yu Lin was silent, too, as if she felt something.
"Elder brother …" Yu Lin suddenly cried aloud.
Haikui’s tense nerves immediately bounced. "What?"
"Nothing, just want to call!" Yu Lin said apologetically.
Haikui was depressed, but he could understand Yu Lin. After all, it is normal for girls to be nervous and insecure in this atmosphere.
It was quiet all around, and there was no birdsong, only the clatter of horses trampling and the creaking of wheels rolling.
Halfway through the mountain road, drums and gongs rang with a bang. It was no accident that Haikui suddenly had a robber in this mountain!
Shout shout out 50 people, surrounded by Haikui and the carriage.
Haikui sighed and said to Yu Lin, "I’m relieved when the robbers come, or I’ve been holding my heart, and I don’t know when they will come out."
In fact, waiting is the most anxious moment.
"Brother Sheng, what should I do?" Lin Yu whispered to Haikui helplessly with tears.
At this time, Haikui, as a man, can’t be timid. Besides, he didn’t come here for nothing these two years!
Haikui looked at a circle of people and asked, "What are you doing, brothers?"
A tough-looking man in his thirties came out and began to say his lines, "This road is mine, and this mountain is my home. If you want to pass by, stay and buy road money!"
Hai Kui is a bit dull, because this line is so familiar. Is it popular all over the world to say this? However, it seems that I opened this mountain and planted this tree. I have to think about this road and stay to buy road money. If you take two more axes, and then continue to say: I am the devil in the world, you should leave the money quickly, or you will not want to live here. This is even more perfect!
The burly man saw Haikui froze, thinking that he had fooled Haikui. He nodded with satisfaction and said proudly, "Give me the money, or you will die!" "
Haikui closed his mouth and looked at him for two seconds. Suddenly, the feeling of being a little worried vanished, and he liked the feeling that he didn’t get stage fright on the spot!
"How much?" Haikui asked.
"What?" Tough man leng.
"Don’t you want to stay and buy road money? How much is it?" Haikui said faintly.
"This ….." The tough man was also leng for a while. For the first time in his life, he met someone who was robbed and asked how much it was to buy road goods, as if he had never thought about this question before.
He was stunned, but there were about fifty people around Haikui. Some people were not stupid and shouted: "Second brother, don’t talk to him, just chop up and grab the money!"
Haikui stretched out his hand. "Wait!"
They are one leng.
The tough man asked, "What?"
"If the two of us didn’t resist, we wouldn’t have to chop it!" Haikui said with a soft smile, a full face of reckon, some curry favor with the meaning.
If Haikui says coldly at this time, it will make these people unhappy, and they will definitely rush up and have a fat beating, and maybe they will really be chopped.
Seeing that everyone was stunned and no one came up, Hai Kui went on to say with a smile, "Don’t you want to buy road money? Make a price. After I go there, I will tell people who want to cross this mountain in the future, don’t be afraid. If you want to cross this mountain, you can cross it with money. How much money is clearly marked, and then people dare to cross this mountain, and your income will be higher and higher!"
In fact, Haikui was fooling them, but all the robbers brightened up at the moment. "Hey, second brother, what this boy said is a good idea."
The tough man asked in a heavy voice, "Do you think it is possible?"
HaiKuiLe, "second brother, how do you know it may be impossible if you don’t try? I just want to ask, did you kill people before? "
The tough man nodded, "Kill, kill almost all passers-by, but we gave up the old, weak, women and children!"
As Haikui thought, he said, "Are there fewer and fewer people passing through this mountain recently?"
The tough man pondered and said, "It’s ok, but they are all in groups. Sometimes hundreds of people cross the mountain at the same time, so it’s not easy to start!"
Hai Kui clapped his hands. "Yes, you see, it takes time to gather hundreds of people in groups. In addition, the rich hired hundreds of people to cross the mountain, which is also a big price. What about you? Now you clearly mark the price and let the wind out. Hey, maybe everyone will pay the money in the future, and then there will be more merchants coming and going. Everyone is not rich and comfortable!"
The idea of Haikui actually comes from the toll, and you have to charge tickets to enter the park or wherever. If you have more people and more people, you will earn more.
"Look, let me give you an example …" Haikui bowed his head and asked Yu Lin, "What is the smallest currency here?"
"money!" Yu Lin replied in a low voice.
"Is the money two?"
Haikui continued, "Let me give you an example. Let’s cross the road and charge fifty dollars once, and then two people will be one or two." Haikui bowed his head and asked Yu Lin, "Is a hundred dollars one or two?"
Yu Lin nodded. "Yes!"
"This conversion unit is the same as the earth!" Haikui muttered something in a voice that he could only hear.
The robbers are very quiet, which is related to the amount of money they will make in the future, so no one is noisy and wants to listen carefully to see if they can make a fortune in the future!
Hai Kui said: "You see, sometimes there are hundreds of people at a time, so we can count them as 100 people. One person costs 50 yuan, and one hundred people is 520 taels. How much money do you usually let go? As long as you don’t kill people, you can let them pass the toll, and then he will come back and forth from here, and the money will keep flowing. Now you kill people, you can only make money once, and then it will be gone. This is the reason, not the second brother!"
Tough man thought, "ah, ah! It is this truth, I said, brother, how can your brain be so good? How did you think of it! "
The tough man’s name for Haikui instantly rose to the brother’s sake.
Yu Lin also looked at Haikui with admiration, which saved countless lives.
However, Hai Kui doesn’t know whether some poor people have fifty dollars, but he estimates that if the robbers implement this policy, the business in the direction of Qingfeng County and the capital will be completely opened, and fifty dollars is already less.
Moreover, the old man also said that there is another way to the capital, but it will take three or four more days. The poor really have no money, so just walk more.