"Master," Huang Yi rushed out from behind a grain pile that was not on fire, grabbed Qinglin and ran away. "Please come with me."

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After seven turns and eight turns, the green forest was taken to an extremely calm place by Huang Yi, which was also a place where grain was piled up, and there were several grain piles next to it. Because they were in the upwind, the fire did not affect them.
"Why not set fire to them?" Qing Lin is a little angry. These grain piles add up to three or four thousand kilograms of grain. Qing Lin has made up his mind to burn it out this time, and he doesn’t want to leave a bite of grain for the Kazakhs.
Huang Yi said quickly, "Don’t be angry, master. Feel this grain pile carefully. Can you feel something different?"
Qing Lin Jing settled down and carefully looked at the grain pile in front of him. This is dozens of sacks piled together, bulging and full of soybeans. Soon, Qing Lin noticed that among these sacks, there were many beans of spirit bean grade, all of which were put together, and there were thousands of them. On average, there were as many as 70 or 80 pieces in a sack. It’s the first time for Qing Lin to meet this kind of ordinary sack with a lot of spirit beans.
Qing Lin was overjoyed. "Don’t be stupefied. Take out the spirit beans inside quickly."
Huang Yi said, "Master, it’s too late. I guess someone will rush over soon. Let’s run with sacks on our backs."
Qing Lin thought it was the same reason, and hurriedly let Huang Yi and others carry sacks and return to the space of "day". He summoned the spirit bean eagle hovering in the air.
Qing Lin just grabbed the black rope tied to the spirit bean eagle, and the notified Hasa fix true people rushed over in batches. In the case of flames, they soon discovered Qing Lin.
"Stop!" A fix true person wearing a hassa uniform shouted.

Chapter one hundred and twenty Kick down the ladder
Chapter one hundred and twenty Kick down the ladder
After several days of tossing, the Trojan didn’t kill, and the system crashed several times. In desperation, it took a day to redo the system, and today it finally returned to normal. Cavalry here to remind everyone, we must be careful to use the online viewing website searched by Thunder. I just want to watch the Trojan horse in the TV series "The Sea" on the Internet (I forgot the specific website). Doctors Jinshan, 360 and QQ took turns to go into battle, but I didn’t sweep the Trojan horse out of the house.

It is a ghost that Qinglin will listen to the words of the Kazakhs. Qing Lin let Ling Dou Ying pull him to heaven with the fastest speed, and the Kazakhs immediately judged that Qing Lin was a spy in nine cases out of ten, and maybe he set the sudden fire. Word, a dozen fix true regardless of the burning fire, Yu make the fly sword at the foot of the points or so, disease if lightning rushed towards the green forest.
The speed of the spirit bean eagle is fast, but because of the green forest, most of its strength is bound and can’t be displayed, so that it is worse than the flying sword of the fix true person. Almost in the blink of an eye, the distance between the fix-true people in Kazakhstan and the green forest is shortened to seven or eight meters. Only two or three breaths are needed, and the green forest will fall into their hands and become a prisoner in Kazakhstan. At that time, the treatment enjoyed by the green forest can be imagined.
Qing Lin didn’t panic, he took out a handful of spirit beans, aimed at the incoming fix true person, and threw them out. In the blink of an eye, every bean turned into a bird, waving its wings and screaming at the enemy.
Lingdou birds are very fast, their skill is flexible, no less than real birds, and they appear so suddenly that they suddenly caught each other off guard. In a short time, everyone who pursued the green forest in Hassa was surrounded by five or six birds. Lingdou birds used sharp beaks and claws to peck and grasp fiercely, and most of the practitioners were stunned by this sudden change. By the time they killed these Lingdou birds in a hurry, Lingdou Eagle had run away with the green forest and disappeared.
The green forest ran away, which is not the most frustrating place for these proud practitioners. What they don’t understand most is that they obviously killed nearly a hundred birds, but when they returned to the ground afterwards, they didn’t find a bird’s body or even a bird’s feather. Only a few careful people found some broken soybeans, some of which were burnt because of the fire. These people didn’t think much, and no matter who they were, they wouldn’t associate soybeans with birds.
Qing Lin didn’t dare to direct the Ling Dou Ying to return to Inge Pass. The place where he set fire was in the middle and rear of the army barracks in Hasa. Once he returned to Inge Pass in a straight line, Qing Lin would have a close encounter with countless Hasan people. Qing Lin can’t guarantee that the Hasan people will easily let him go as an "arsonist". So, Qinglin first took the shortest distance, commanded the spirit bean eagle, flew to the outside of the army barracks in Hassa, and then turned around and returned to Inge Pass.
Jumping down from the back of the spirit bean eagle, Qing Lin put the spirit bean eagle away, then took the head of General shining golden out of the space of "heaven", removed the cloth wrapped around his head, and then led the bloody head towards Inge Guan. I have to say that Qing Lin’s nerves are a little big. He is still young. Not only did he chop off the head of General Shining Armor himself, but he even walked casually with someone else’s head. For ordinary people, his legs would have been weak.
Qing Lin hasn’t seen Yan Ruliang yet. Ruifeng and Hu Shanglin saw him from a distance and ran over at once. Hu Shanglin looked flustered and said, "Master, it’s not good."
Qing Lin smiled and said, "Brother Hu, what’s the panic? I set fire to the granary of the army of Hassa. They have no food and grass. How can they fight with us hungry? "
Hu Shanglin said: "Master, we all saw the fire across the street, but that’s not what I’m talking about. The imperial court sent someone here, not the former deputy commander Inge Guan, but a general transferred from another place, Wu Qilin. I heard that he is still a little close to today’s royal family. He arrived at Yingqiguan shortly after your departure. When he came, he brought two orders from oversight. One was to formally take over Yingqiguan Bianguan Camp and send Nie Shenghai back to spar for healing. The other was to make a detailed inventory of the materials of Yingqiguan Bianguan Camp to confirm how much materials the court needed to mobilize here. "
Qing Lin’s heart moved. "Did they find something?"
Hu Shanglin said: "Exactly. When Wu Qilin came here this time, he brought several shrewd accountants. As soon as they came, they began to take stock of the number of standard spar in the border camp. The things that General Nie gave us hundreds of standard spar before and after have been found out by Wu Qilin. Now it is General Wu Qilin who sternly reprimanded Yan, and asked him to take people to Qingliangshan and return all the standard spar that Nie Shenghai gave us. Master, what can I do? "
Qing Lin’s anger didn’t hit one place, and he casually scolded: "It’s so grandma’s not a thing. I risked my life. I sneaked into the military camp in Kazakhstan and set fire to their food and grass, but this bastard Wu Qilin messed me up here."
Hu Shanglin nodded again and again. "Yes, master, don’t mention burning hay. If it weren’t for your idea, the thunderbolt cannon of the army of Kazakhstan would have destroyed the defensive position of Yingqiguan. Is it still his turn for Wu Qilin to dictate here?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Qing Lin pondered for a moment and said, "Anyway, let’s meet that Wu Qilin first. I still believe it. I have made two great achievements. The border camp gave us some standard spar to deal with the emergency. What’s the big deal? Do you need him to hold on to it? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Ruifeng and Hu Shanglin surrounded by Qing Lin walked towards the border camp. At the critical moment of the confrontation between the two armies, Wu Qilin, as a coach appointed by the court, was not in Inge’s office. Qing Lin’s first impression of Wu Qilin was very bad.
Go to the Yuanmen of the border camp, and Qing Lin took a look back at Ruifeng. "Brother Ruifeng, what’s the matter with you? Why don’t you talk? "
Ruifeng pointed to his mouth and shook his head with a wry smile. Hu Shanglin said aside: "Master, stop talking. This is an oath made by Rui Daoyou to himself, and he will not talk for three months."
Qing Linqi said, "Why did Brother Ruifeng leave such a strange oath?"
Hu Shanglin said: "Just now, in order to cover your fire in the military camp of the army of Hassa, didn’t we go to the front of the two armies under the leadership of Yang’s predecessor and invite the practitioners of Hassa to fight?" In one of them, Pang Zhitong of the Sacrificial Institute fought with a true practitioner of the other side and almost died under the flying sword of the other side. It was Rui Daoyou who saved him. "