Seeing the enemy’s gaffe, Yang Xiu was of course more happy. He laughed and said, "Hehehe, demon way, you have fallen into the magic way, so you don’t kill yourself to thank your ancestors. And I have already opened the channel of Xiandao. If you are a crab, why don’t you have the guts to speak? At the moment, the ban has been opened a lot. However, there are only a few demon families who really hide in it. Those human monks, of course, will not. After all, no one can guarantee that after entering, there will be greater danger!

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But a few can come in. Yang Xiu was very satisfied, only to hear him say to these monsters who came in: "You have also felt the aura in this fairy island. If you want to practice in it in the future, please call your companions in now, otherwise they will be killed by Yuan Zhen’s demon way, and you can rest assured that your freedom will not be imprisoned in the future, even if you want to leave, you will never stop."
See these demons still have some indecision. Yang Xiu couldn’t help shaking his head, thinking that the demon race’s head, it seems that it is still not as good as human light. He added, "Anyway, you are doomed to die outside, and you can’t escape the supernatural knowledge of Yuan Zhen’s demon way at all. Why don’t you come in and gamble?" Moreover, the prohibition on this fairy island will help you resist the catastrophe in the future, but it will have unexpected benefits! "
This a few monster beast, under the Yang Xiu cup, finally to the monster beast outside all shouted:
"Cicada Taurus monster, hurry up and hide in the fairy island, the owner of the island did not attack us.
"Two-winged python dumpling, it’s dangerous outside. Come to me quickly. The owner of Xiandao said that in the future, we can use the ban on the island to avoid the catastrophe!"
"Eight pincers of red shrimp, is it true? With your little head, you can’t tell the difference between good and bad?"
"Shit, it’s too timid to hide outside. Anyway, it’s all dead. The old ape will go into Xiandao to see what it’s like inside, and it’s no shame."
Agree, oppose, desperate, noisy, but no matter how these people argue, but the monster beast hiding in the fairy house, but gradually more up, see Yang Xiu beamed. Immediately ordered them to stay in the corresponding abode of fairies and immortals, temporarily can’t come out, or wait a minute yuan really sophisticated if hot-headed, also mixed with the crowd rushed in, still not active banned attack.
Road flyover Yuan Zhen outside saw that more and more monster beasts actually leaned their heads into the fairy Wu, which made them even more manic. His eyes were red and his heart was full of killing. He seemed to want to destroy everything in sight, and even a token flashing around his waist did not attract his attention.
At last, someone saw his abnormality, only to see the recipe of the first gate carefully shouting: "Is Master Yuan Zhen pulling Uncle Yuan Zhen?"
However, Yuan Zhen did not answer. I saw that he cast a glance coldly, and the other person’s scalp was numb. At the same time, Yuan Shen seemed to be frozen by something, unable to move, and a little coolness came from the depths of his soul, and the hair on his body suddenly became faint with frost and fog.
No prescription now finally realized what those monsters are, and none of them resisted. Although he is clear in his heart and knows that there is danger, his legs and feet are constantly bossing around, trying to leave, but he can’t!
"Boo!" Just then. Suddenly, a clear and crisp sound came from Taoist Yuan Zhen, only Taoist Yuan Zhen looked Zheng. The red in the eyes gradually faded. And there is no prescription to feel the pressure on himself. Finally, he can feel the faint sea breeze brushing his cheeks, and the noise around him is introduced into his ears. If he is separated from the world, he can’t help but stay away from the Taoist Yuan Zhen, and then he feels wrong. He immediately stops and stops beside those other disciples.
Road flyover Yuan Zhen pinched the jade pendant on his chest. Yu Pei turned out to be suddenly turned into powder, and looked at the ring of life and death on his wrist. Behind it was a cold sweat, but I didn’t expect it to be out of control. If it weren’t for the last minute, "Yu Pei, the god of sheep fat ooze" took the initiative to warn him, he was almost attacked by himself. It seems that this thing really can’t be used more!
Although there was a huge wave of wine in my heart, his face didn’t change much. He looked around faintly, his palm suddenly turned, and he immediately picked up the token flashing around his waist.
God’s knowledge reached into it, and his brow wrinkled, and then a sneer appeared, muttering to himself, "Hum, it seems that you really didn’t guess wrong, so you really can’t help being lonely!"
Immediately, his face shook, and he said to Wu Fang, "Take out the teleportation scroll, the old demon of the Xuanjiao Sect has indeed come out, and now he is outside the sect with those demons!"
There is no prescription to calm down the mood. Bowing down, he said, "Martial Uncle has a clever plan. This time, you can definitely take down the old demon of Xuanjiao!"
Say that finish, immediately from the storage bag to take a roll of zhangs wide scroll, wrist shake, scroll immediately, in a piece of green light, a portal, unexpectedly appeared in the picture.
Taoist Yuan Zhen said to clear voice, a monk of all kinds, "Go in, Taoist friends. The old demon of Xuanjiao finally couldn’t hold back. At this moment, it is a good time to annihilate them.
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Chapter three hundred and eighty-seven The demon
Fairy wild Chapter three hundred and eighty-seven The demon
Road flyover Shizhen and other Taoist priests suddenly sent ten consecutive messages to leave. Yang Xiu was surprised, so he quickly contacted Sun Liu, who was hiding in a barren hill suburb, and asked if the fix true boundary had given birth to something again. Otherwise, these people could not have come, attacked several bans without any pain, and then slaughtered a demon race, and it was over, right?
But Sun Liu is hiding in one place now. I rarely contact with the outside world, so I can’t know it in the first place.
Yang Xiu smell speech, also only put aside doubts, let the sun leave no attention to the wind of the fix true boundary, and then sent a ghost busy. To manage those monsters that came in.
He just counted the monsters who hid in it, and there were 54 people, including 23 in the fitting period and 31 in the Yuan infant period. If they can be completely recovered, then the dome beam fairy island is definitely a force that is not weaker than any top faction in the fix true world, except for a few low-order disciples, but so many monks in the fitting period are enough to make up for this deficiency. What problems will you encounter in the future? No longer can we just stay in Xiandao and dare not go out.
These monster beasts are now gathered in the Taofeng Hospital on the third floor and Xiangyun Pavilion on the second floor. Now, except for himself, Jiman, Tian Mo and Green, other monks have never been allowed in. Although these people can’t turn over any big waves, be careful, there is always no fault.
Day ghost two places at once flew to the sky above the Taofeng Academy, accompanied by four people, Lin Meng Chamber and Ji Yuxin, and looked at the monster beast faintly. The monster beast is at the same time, now Yang Xiu several people, eyes immediately all over, there are doubts, surprises, uneasy, different expressions, but all quiet without a word, waiting for the final ruling.
In fact, many of the monster beasts, seeing the sudden departure of Taoist Yuan Zhen, couldn’t help but regret hiding in it too early. That’s great. They escaped from the net and fell into the wolf’s den again, and I don’t know whether to live or die next.
Yang Xiu glanced at it and said, "Welcome to the dome beam fairy island. Please forgive me for any neglect in the past. If there is any misunderstanding, don’t care about each other.
Suddenly, in the monster beast group, a voice immediately came out: "Are you a scattered person?" The meaning of doubt is self-evident.
Yang Xiu looked around, and now he asked a man with a face and a body, a monster beast with two horns. The monster beast’s head was only a little as big as a third of the average person, but it was a foot long, and his eyes were like soybeans, which was very funny.
Yang Xiu nodded and said, "Exactly."
The shrimp demon rolled his little eyes. I thanked him with an exemplary fuels: "I’m not very grateful that the scattered people were able to let us take refuge in Xiandao just now and escaped the clutches of Yuan Zhen’s demon road." Then I changed my tone and said: "But I just heard that the scattered people would not imprison our freedom, and even if they wanted to leave, they would never stop us. I don’t know if it is or not? "
This is not only all the monster beast. Even Lin Meng chamber and others looked at Yang Xiu to see how he was definitely.
Yang Xiu heart with a sneer at. His face was calm, but he said seriously, "Of course, Taoist friends can go out now if they want to leave."
Say that finish, immediately put out a method, please, opened a banned channel.
But when the demons saw it, it was in their hearts. When they came in just now, the passage was just a tandem distance, but now this passage is dark inside, like a bottomless abyss that eats others, which makes people feel creepy. After waiting for a long time, no one dares to go in. Even the shrimp demon who just asked questions shrank his head.