However, even if you can only move one blow, it is invincible when dealing with Gang … array and all the arrays below it. I didn’t want to kill him, but I stumbled.

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"Has this array passed the advanced array?" Two people thought of here, look at each other, the corners of the mouth is not a little bitter.
At this moment, Yang Xiu’s attack followed. When they saw Biluo Peak, their faces suddenly changed and they were shocked and angry: "It was you!"
Yang Xiu too lazy to answer, controls the Biluofeng to two people hate hate it.
Lian Chengyu and his wife have seen the power of Biluofeng with their own eyes, and immediately want to avoid its sharpness. However, when the two men set off, they only felt a tight body, as if they had been trapped by a rope, and they could not move at once.
When they saw the next mountain peak, they couldn’t escape. Immediately, one man pulled out a palm-sized jade tiger, while the other man took out a yellow inkstone with fists and threw it at the pressed Biluo Peak.
Jade tiger rose in the wind, and finally turned into a white tiger with a height of 50 feet.
The white tiger is alive and well, and the golden "king" spot looms on his forehead. I saw it roar and rush head-on to Biluo Peak.
"Uh-huh!" As soon as the white tiger and Biluofeng crossed, there was only a moan. The white tiger suddenly broke into pieces like glass, and it was scattered in the air.
When Biluofeng wanted to smash it down again, suddenly, a yellow mountain rose from the inkstone below and shot directly at Biluofeng low.
Huang Mang, like the essence, was "squeaked" by Biluo Peak, and immediately let Biluo Peak down three zhangs.
However, because Biluofeng smashed the white tiger just now, its momentum has been hindered. At this time, it was resisted by the yellow awn from the inkstone. Although it was pressed down for three zhangs, it finally exhausted its spare capacity and stopped when it was about to approach the inkstone.
Although Lianji Daoren stopped the attack of Biluofeng, his face didn’t brighten at all, but it was even more ugly. First, he lost a white tiger.
Secondly, because the dragon and the phoenix are under the attack of Bai Zhi and the ghost king, their momentum has become weaker and weaker.
Although the power of "Dragon, Phoenix and Xuanyuan" is extremely great. But you can’t use it for too long at a time.
And in the afternoon, in addition to dealing with Yang Xiu, the two men used the "Dragon, Phoenix and Xuanyuan" once, and then grabbed Zhong from the petticoat, and then they were at war with another monk. Used once.
That’s why they were so exhausted that even the sects were in no hurry to go back, so they arranged Jin and array here and began to meditate. So as to meet Yang Xiu and have a future.
Two people don’t want to Yang Xiu have ten thousand spirit liquid this luxury to take, so up to now is only a little bit of initial recovery, don’t want to encounter this kind of situation again, suddenly some support not to live.
Seeing the dragon and phoenix, under the increasingly fierce attack of Bai Zhi and the ghost king, it has become powerless.
See Biluofeng strikes again, and ghosts are constantly tearing and biting on the defense of two people, and all kinds of attacks produced by Ten kill array are coming together.
Lian Cheng Yu and Zhi Jun Lan can’t help showing despair and sorrow.
I saw Lian Chengyu in a gloomy way: "Is today the anniversary of our death next year?"
Then he took Zhi Junlan’s hand, looked at the woman and said with a smile, "But we have no regrets that we can die together!"
"Husband!" ZhiJunLan think of this for hundreds of years. Every day they spend together, there are thousands of words in their hearts at one time, but in the end, only these two words are spoken, revealing all the feelings in their hearts.
I saw that the inkstone was also smashed by Biluofeng. Looking at the giant peak getting closer and closer, I saw her face shake, and she couldn’t help but show a hint of determination. She said softly to Lian Chengyu, "Take care, husband!"
Lian Chengyu saw that Zhi Clivia’s face was different, but he returned to unknown so, and he saw the other side jerking him sideways.
Lian Chengyu didn’t expect his beloved wife to be like this. Unprepared at the moment, like an arrow, it was inverted and flew out of the gravity range of Biluofeng.
Seeing Liancheng Jade pushed away, Zhi Clivia couldn’t help but give me a sad smile, and then looked at the Biluofeng that had been smashed. She didn’t dodge, but a sneer flashed across her mouth.
I saw that she suddenly pulled out a formula, and then a golden round particle the size of a baby’s fist, through her chest, scattered dazzling golden light. Then the golden light became brighter and brighter, like a catty and the sun, which made people dare not look straight.
"no!" Lian Chengyu saw the movement of Zhi Clivia. Suddenly flushed, the veins stood out, a pair of sorrow and madness coexist in the face.
Yang Xiu always noticed the situation inside. Seeing Zhi Clivia pushing Lian Cheng Yu out of the gravity range of Biluo Peak, although there are some accidents, it’s not surprising, and the ghost has been ordered to attack.
Anyway, as long as the other party is within ten kill array, he is not afraid of people running away.
But when he saw what Zhi Junlan did later. Is really face big change, the other party is actually want to explode then!
Seeing this, where he can afford to attack. Hurriedly put Biluofeng back, and at the same time inform the Ghost King and Bai Zhi, so that they can protect themselves and get out of the battle quickly.
Just after his net took Biluofeng into his body. Hesitated to withdraw ten kill array moment, I saw a flash of golden sun in the chest of Zhi Clivia. Then I felt a tinnitus, and then a strong air pressure came on my face.
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